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Website Accessibility

Improving the accessibility of our website for all users is important to the City of Thunder Bay. Modifications can be made to your operating system and Internet browser to improve accessiblity. The City offers the following online features:

Sizeable Fonts

Image illustrating the Font Resizer - 3 different sized A'sThe font sizes are completely sizeable. Near the top right corner of the page, users are able to resize their fonts in three preset increments. Users can also increase their range of options for font size by making changes to the browser or computer settings.


Keyboard Shortcuts / Navigation Keys

Keyboard shortcuts have been built into the system so that screen reader users can use ALT key sequences to reach each of these four sections:

  • ALT 1 <Enter> - Go to the Home page of the website,
  • ALT 2 <Enter> - Skip Navigation - allows a user with a screen reader to bypass the menuing system and go directly to the content contained within the page,
  • ALT 3 <Enter> - Living - browses to the home page of the Living section,
  • ALT 4 <Enter> - Visiting - browses to the home page of the Visiting section,
  • ALT 5 <Enter> -  Doing Business - browses to the home page of the Doing Business section,
  • ALT 6 <Enter> - City Government - browses to the home page of the City Government section
  • ALT 7 <Enter> - Email Webmaster
  • ALT 8 <Enter> - Feedback Form - browses to the feedback form for the website where feedback can be provided.


Menus are keyboard accessible by allowing users to use the tab key and arrow keys to navigate the menus. A mouse is not required to navigate the menus.


Screen Reader Accessible

The content contained within the website can be read by a screen reader. Images have descriptions and tables are accessible. We are working to improve the accessibility of PDF documents within the website.

Accessible public internet workstations with large monitors and JAWS screen reader software are available at Brodie Resource Library, Waverly Resource Library, and Mary J.L. Black Library. Click here to link to the Thunder Bay Public Library accessibility web page for more information and to book one of these workstations. 

Closed Captioning

New video content within the website is closed captioned.

Text Only

The Text Only option on the Utility Navigation bar at the top of the screen switches the display to a screen with reduced colours. The colours are removed from the menu bar, and lower levels of the menus are indented slightly to represent the lower levels. The images will continue to be displayed on the website. Images & Text will display the website with its full colours.