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Browser & Operating System Features

A number of modifications can be made to your operating system and/or your web browser to enhance the accessibility features already provided by the existing website.  Instructions are provided below for the following operating systems and web browsers:


  • Internet Explorer 6
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari

Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple OS X

Instructions are available to change the following features:

  • Change Font Size - change the font size to make the text more readable,
  • Mouse Pointer Visibility - change the mouse pointer to assist in locating it,
  • Change Colours - change the text and background colours to make them more readable,
  • Change Fonts - change the font size to make them more readable, need to test this
  • Magnify Screen - change the screen magnification if changing the font size isn't an option on your computer