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Cyber Kennel

Interested in adopting a pet? Visit the Cyber Kennel to see all of the cats and dogs that are up for adoption at Animal Services. more

Pet Licence

renew your pet licence online

In Thunder Bay, all pet owners must license their dogs and cats. Find out about the new online pet licence renewal. more

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Adopt a Pet. Save a Life.

Your Animal Services Centre is working hard to promote a community where residents and animals live in harmony. If you are looking for a new pet, consider adoption. You could save a life. more


Our Volunteers

A special thank you to all of our volunteers. Find out how you can become a volunteer at Thunder Bay Animal Services. more 


Animal Services and the Parks Division are pleased to announce the appointment of Ashley Doumolin as Coordinator for the Pets in the Park summer program, currently underway.  Throughout the summer, Ashley will be visiting various city parks and public events talking to pet owners about responsible pet ownership including leash requirements, cleaning up after pets and pet licensing.  She will present "Responsible Pet Owner" awards to pet owners who are seen complying with City by-laws.  The goal of the program is to promote responsible pet ownership in Thunder Bay so that both pet owners and non-pet owners can enjoy a safe and healthy community.

For more information contact Jody Kondrat - Supervisor, Animal Services @684-3210

your animal services centre:

  • Provides shelter, feeding, care and adoption services for stray and homeless pets
  • Enforces all By-laws relating to animals
  • Promotes responsible pet ownership through education
  • Works with a variety of partners concerned with animal care and responsible ownership
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