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Adoption Cats

 blackjack55 Blackjack - Don't take a gamble and lose the opportunity to adopt this incredibly affectionate fellow. Blackjack just wants to cuddle. He will follow you around and meow to be picked up. Blackjack will purr and give you kisses. He loves cat treats and really just wants someone to love him back. Come down to visit Blackjack today!
 truffles77 Truffles - This charming female is six months old. She loves to run, play and chase after toys. Truffles has a ton of energy and would make a great family pet. She is affectionate and enjoys belly rubs. Come down to see Truffles today! 
 dinah Dinah - A sweet easy going little girl who is quiet. She likes to be held and is a friendly young cat. Dinah has been around dogs and seems to like them. If you are interested in Dinah, come for a visit today! 
 oprah Oprah - The fluff just cannot be contained with this beautiful girl! Oprah is a spayed female who is around five to six years old. This big girl enjoys being pet and having a brush go through her long fur. If you think you can handle a whole lot of fabulous feline, come visit Oprah at Animal Services! 
 mikey44 Satin, six years old, and Mikey five years old, are a mother-son duo that will melt your heart. These two friendly felines love to be pet and purr with appreciation. Mikey has a playful side and enjoys chasing after cat toys in the most adorable way. Both kitties love to spend time window watching on our ledge in the adoption room. We know these black beauties would love a home together, so one adoption fee will get you double the cat love. Come see Satin and Mikey at the shelter today! 
 tobiah Tobiah is a big beautiful boy who just wants to be loved. This neutered male is around two years old. Tobiah is incredibly affectionate. He enjoys giving head bunts to show his love, and will even lick your nose if the moment is right. If you're interested in finding a gentle cat that will love you forever, please come visit sweet and adorable Tobiah!
 natalie88 Natalie is a cat with a little bit of sass and a whole lot of sweet. This spayed female is around a year old. Natalie loves to be pet and purrs when she is receiving attention. She enjoys relaxing on a comfortable cat bed. Natalie chooses which cats will be her friends and which will end up as foes. You might call her Ms. Boss cat with a soft side. If you'd like to meet this sassy diva, come for a visit today!
 walter Walter is a laid back guy who loves attention. If you pet him he will purr the entire time. He also enjoys relaxing in comfortable places. If you would like to meet this handsome guy, come see him today!
 chester55 Chester is a friendly guy who absolutely loves belly rubs and making biscuits in the air. He is absolutely adorable and he is looking for a loving home. If you would like to meet Chester, come for a visit today! 
 miley Miley is an adorable fluffy little girl. She is playful, curious, friendly and did I mention cute? This little sweetheart will steal your heart. If you're interested in this bundle of joy, please come for a visit today!  
 littlegirl66 Little Girl is exactly that - a sweet little girl! This spayed female is around 10 months old. Little Girl purrs while she is being pet, and will frequently rub up against you for more love. If you're interested in this friendly little feline, please come down and pay her a visit! 
 simon77 Simon - This sweet little guy is Simon. He is 15 months old. Simon is very talkative when he wants attention. He enjoys belly rubs and loves to stretch out on the floor. If you would like to get to know Simon, come for a visit today!
 twins  Azrael and Smurf are ready to be adopted together! Azrael is around 12-14 months old, and her daughter, Smurf, is four and a half months old. Both have been in the shelter for over two months and need a loving home where they can grow up together. Azrael and Smurf are a fan favourite to all those who come visit. After spending only a few minutes with these two, we bet you'll love them, too!
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