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Adoption Cats



Rocky is a sweet 3-4 year old fellow. He has a relaxed personality. Rocky can be shy at first, but occasionally likes to be playful and go after cat toys. He enjoys being pet and likes to rub up against people. If you are interested in Rocky, please come down to see him today!



Angus is a very handsome neutered male cat. He is approximately 2 or 3 years old. Angus is a laid back guy. Once he feels comfortable, he's very affectionate and loves to be pet, and rub against you and purr. If you are interested in Angus, come visit him today!



Wendy is the new girl on the block, and she's making friends with everyone! This sweet girl not only gets along with all the cats in our room, but she loves all the people she meets, too!  Wendy has a gentle personality. She enjoys being pet, and purrs while she is getting attention. Similar to most cats, Wendy enjoys exploring the room, followed by a relaxing cat nap. If you'd like to give this friendly feline a forever home, come down to Animal Services today! 



Walter is very affectionate. He loves to be pet and purrs the whole time. He will also follow you around the adoption room and talk when he wants your attention. We absolutely adore Walter, and we hope he finds the loving home he deserves! 



Cordelia is a precious seven month old spayed female. She is a playful and friendly kitty, and did I mention adorable? She loves to be pet and scratched under her chin. Cordelia needs a permanent home where she will be loved. If you are interested in Cordelia, please visit her today!



Mistletoe is a lovely sweet little girl. She is approximately one year old. This adorable tiny tabby would be the perfect addition to a loving family. If you and your family can give Mistletoe a loving home, come and visit her today! 



Seymour is a sweet ten month old neutered male. He is a little shy but we're hoping he will come out of his shell as time goes by. Seymour needs a loving home, preferably a quiet relaxed atmosphere where he can chill out and be loved. If you would like to love Seymour, come and visit him today! 



Timothy is a shy little guy.Timothy came to Animal Services under sad circumstances when his owner passed away. We are hoping that someone will find it in their heart to adopt this handsome guy and give him the home he deserves. If you are that someone, come by to visit Timothy today! 



Candice is a lovely mature three year old spayed female. She is a sweet cat with a friendly disposition. Candice likes to be pet. She is looking for a loving family to keep her warm and comfortable. If you can give Candice what she needs, please come down and visit her today!

 sam and pam


Sam & Pam are 38 lbs of pure feline fabulousness. Sam and Pam are friends who arrived at the shelter together. Their favourite pastimes include posing for pictures, being brushed, eating cat treats, receiving tons of pets, and hanging out with other cats. Pam also enjoys belly rubs, making biscuits and rubbing against furniture for that purrfect scratch. If you're looking for a fantastic feline combo, come see Sam and Pam! 



Simon - This sweet little guy is Simon. He is 15 months old. Simon is very talkative when he wants attention. He enjoys belly rubs and loves to stretch out on the floor. If you would like to get to know Simon, come for a visit today!

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