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Adoption Cats


Juniper is a sweet and dainty little girl. Juniper enjoys being pet. She invites herself onto your lap and rubs against you while she purrs. Juniper is spayed and likely around 10 months old. She seems to prefer the company of people over spending time with other cats. If you think this affectionate girl is the right fit for you, please come visit her at the shelter!



Maximus is a big black beauty who would love a place to call his own. Maximus is an adventurous boy. He loves to explore the room and visit the other cats in their kennels. Maximus enjoys being pet, however, he doesn’t seem to sit still for very long! There are always places to search out, and areas to investigate! Maximus is neutered and likely around two years old. Why not take this handsome fella along on a life long adventure? We bet there will never be a dull moment with Maximus! 


Rogue is a stunning long haired silver tabby with a tucked left ear. Rogue is an affectionate fella. He loves to be pet and thoroughly enjoys rubbing up against you for more love. Rogue is neutered and is likely around three years old. Come by the shelter to give Rugue some pets; we bet it will be hard to leave his side! 

 roger the cat  

Roger is still looking for his forever home. This beautiful boy came to Animal Services back in November. This guy has a personality all his own. Roger meows when he wants out of kennel. When let out, he trots straight to the showroom and uses his favourite scratch pad, and on sunny days, Roger enjoys sunbathing by the window. He also loves getting scratches and makes biscuits in enjoyment. Roger is around three years old. He might do best in a home where he is the only cat. He would also likely prefer a home with an older family. If you think Roger would be a good fit for you, please come down and consider giving this sweet boy a home of his own.

 2 cats-cyber  

Nicky and Vicky are two beautiful sisters in need of a loving home together! Nicky is the shy sister. She is curious, but will hang back until she is comfortable. Vicky is the more outgoing sister. She meows when she has something say, and will rub against you and purr while she receives pets. Both girls have very gentle personalities. They have been spayed and are likely around 10 months old. Come see how pretty these two fur babies are in person. We bet you will agree! 



Arnold is a dapper gentleman looking for a home to call his own. Arnold loves pets. He gives head bunts and rubs up against you while he purrs. Arnold has a great appetite and enjoys eating every last bit of food in his dish. He also likes treats! Arnold is neutered and likely around two to three years old. Come gives Arnold a visit. He may be exactly the cat you are looking for! 

 new cat  

Norton is quite the character! This 10 month old cat plays with toys, hides in cat tunnels and enjoys exploring the room. Norton also enjoys being pet and brushed. Come spend some time with Norton and we bet you will be entertained! 




Marble is a beautiful Siamese Flame Point mix who would really like to find a home of his own. Being a quiet and gentle boy, Marble enjoys pets as well as relaxing. Marble is just over a year old and has been neutered. You really need to come see this handsome fella in person!


Herbie may look a little serious, but this beautiful boy is nothing but love! He enjoys being pet and receiving lots of attention. Come spend some time with Herbie and we promise you won’t want to leave without him! He is neutered and likely over two years old. If you’re thinking of adopting a furry friend, please consider Herbie! 

 cat crystal  

Crystal is a beautiful girl who enjoys being pet and loves eating cat treats. She has a quiet personality and prefers to relax in her bed. 

 castor troy - cats  

CASTOR and TROY, a bonded pair of boys at 18 months old have a friendship that is inseparable. This charismatic duo would love to find a home to call their own. With these two, you with get double the love and double the fun. If they're not lounging in the sun together, they're playing hide and go seek.  If you have room in your heart for two, come check these boys out.


Sophia is an affectionate young female cat. She loves to be pet and thoroughly appreciates receiving behind the ear scratches. You can often find Sophia relaxing in her bed or exploring the room. She will also go after dangling cat toys when she’s in the mood. Sophia is likely around 10-12 months old. We would love for you to come down to Animal Services to meet this sweet little girl in person!

 tammy -- cat  

Tammy is an adorable spayed female who is around four to five years old. This big, beautiful girl loves to be pet, particularly behind her ears. We know Tammy would love a nice, warm home to relax in. Make sure you stop by the shelter to see this sweetheart in person! 

 simon - cat  

Sadly, Timothy was adopted and returned; he wasn’t the right fit. That being said, we believe he would be a nice addition to an existing cat family. Timothy likes the company of other cats, particularly females and relaxed male cats. He also likes to play with cat toys, and can jump super high to reach them! Timothy enjoys receiving pets and scratches, but he is the type of cat that will come to you when he wants attention, and happily go do his own thing when he’s had enough. He also adores cat treats. Timothy’s first owner passed away, so that is how he found himself at our shelter. We think he is around two to three years old, and likely would do better in a home with an older family. If you’re interested in this little black panther, please come see him! We hope Timothy finds his forever home soon!

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