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Adoption Cats

 malchus Meet Colonel! This neutered male is used to living primarily outdoors which makes him a great candidate for our Barn Cat Program. If you have a barn with mouse problems, consider coming down to meet Malchus today! 
 marilyn Meet Marilyn! Marilyn is a classy black and white cat looking for a place to call her own. This spayed female is around 10 months old. She likes cuddles from people and is quite talkative when she craves attention. Marilyn likes to explore the cat adoption room, but also enjoys a cat nap by the window. Marilyn has been out with other female cats. Please come down to Animal Services meet this sweet girl in person. 
 cheddar Meet Cheddar! Cheddar is a lovable orange ticked tabby. This neutered male is around two to three years old. Cheddar has a gentle demeanour. He enjoys cuddling in your arms and licking your face. He will pull his head back and let you scratch his neck. Cheddar also likes cat massages on your lap and will lay there quite content for a good period of time before he decides to explore the room. By the way, Cheddar takes great selfies! Please come down to Animal Services to meet this precious guy in person.
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