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Adoption Cats


Garfield is a lovely cat looking for a place to call his own. His ideal home would be one where he is the only cat in the house. Garfield can be very affectionate. He will jump up on your lap, bury his face in your shirt, lick your clothes, and make biscuits while he purrs. Sometimes he likes to be independent, and prefers to explore the room on his own. We believe Garfield is around two years old. If you think Garfield is the perfect fit for you, please come see him soon!

 syd- cat  

Syd is the sweetest cat ever! This neutered male is two and a half years old. Syd absolutely loves attention. He will rub up against you, give head bunts, drop and roll around to make sure he gets the perfect scratch, and he also adores belly rubs! Honestly, Syd just wants to be loved. If you think you can provide the perfect home for Syd, please stop by the shelter! 

 cully - cat  

Cully is a sweet as pie tortie who is looking for home that will love her into her senior years. This spayed female is around six to seven years old. Cully is very affectionate. She loves to crawl up on your shoulders and lick your face with her adorable little tongue. Cully will purr while being pet, and sometime let out a sweet little raspy meow. Cully’s senior rate adoption fee is only $50 (+ tax + City licence). We hope you come down to Animal Services to meet this special girl!

 tammy -- cat  

Tammy is an adorable spayed female who is around four to five years old. This big, beautiful girl loves to be pet, particularly behind her ears. We know Tammy would love a nice, warm home to relax in. Make sure you stop by the shelter to see this sweetheart in person! 

 Sparkle - cat  

Sparkle is a two to three year old spayed female who enjoys being pet and is interested in cat toys. Right now, Sparkle prefers the comfort of her kennel; however, we are sure that with time, she will want to explore and get to know her surroundings. 

 terry -cat  

Terry is an affectionate neutered male who is around three to four years old. Terry loves being pet. He particularly likes to be scratched behind his ears. Right now, he prefers the comforts of his kennel, but we are sure that over time he will feel comfortable in venturing out and begin exploring the room.

 2 kittens


Danny (white & grey) and Davey (black & white) have been best friends since they came to the shelter together back in December. These two neutered boys are around five months old. Danny and Davey are absolutely adorable together. They are playful and affectionate. Danny and Davey love running around and playing with each other. They also love attention from people, enjoy being held and purr when receiving pets. If you’re interested in these curious kittens, please come see them real soon! 

 simon - cat  

Sadly, Timothy was adopted and returned; he wasn’t the right fit. That being said, we believe he would be a nice addition to an existing cat family. Timothy likes the company of other cats, particularly females and relaxed male cats. He also likes to play with cat toys, and can jump super high to reach them! Timothy enjoys receiving pets and scratches, but he is the type of cat that will come to you when he wants attention, and happily go do his own thing when he’s had enough. He also adores cat treats. Timothy’s first owner passed away, so that is how he found himself at our shelter. We think he is around two to three years old, and likely would do better in a home with an older family. If you’re interested in this little black panther, please come see him! We hope Timothy finds his forever home soon!

 bobbie - cat  

Bobbie is a big and beauty brown tabby. She is around four to five years old and has a unique three quarter length tail. Bobbie meows when she wants attention. She enjoys being pet and will rub up against you when she wants more love. Bobbie also enjoys relaxing in an area where she can observe her surroundings. If you’re a fan of full and fluffy felines, come down to Animal Services to meet Bobbie!

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