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Adoption Cats

 Dolly the Cat Adopt Dolly is the sweetest girl in the world. This precious little cat loves pets. She will sit on your lap and purr only to get off to readjust and get more. She will even stand on her hind legs to reach your hand to be pet; she is so very affectionate. Dolly has been spayed and is likely around three years old. Come see this dainty girl for yourself. She is so outgoing, you will likely won't leave without her.
 Jeremiah the Cat Adopt Jeremiah is a great cat with a relaxed personality. This little boy enjoys rubbing up against people for pets. His favourite past times include sleeping in a cat bed next to the window as well as exploring the room. Jeremiah is likely around two years old.
 Sammy Sammy is so very affectionate. He loves sitting on your lap receiving pets and cuddles while purring and making biscuits the whole time. We can’t get enough of how much this 9 month old loves being loved. Come see this sweet fur baby in person. We bet you won’t leave without him.
 Daffy and Bugs Daffy and Bugs are two young cats that will definitely bring joy to your life. These two affectionate boys are friendly and love attention. Daffy is playful and enjoys exploring the room, hanging out in the cat tunnel, and going after cat toys. Bugs will rub against people and take all the pets he can get. Both boys are neutered and likely around eight months old. We bet you couldn’t find a sweeter pair of cats out there, so come see them today! 
 Midnight and Mia

Midnight and Mia are two adorable girls that will tug at your heart strings. Each cat enjoys rubbing against people and receiving tons of pets. Mia is sometimes playful and will go after cat toys or toss around a little mouse. Both girls are spayed. Mia is four and a half years old, while Midnight is a year old. Come see these two affectionate felines and we bet you will easily take them both home!

 Frankie and Basil for Adoption Frankie and Basil are two beautiful boys my must meet. These two are an outgoing duo who have become a volunteer favourite. Frankie and Basil hardly leave each other's side. They enjoy going after cat toys, exploring the room and relaxing on comfortable blankets. Both boys also love receiving attention from people. Basil particularly being held and invites scratches under his chin and behind his ears. Frankie and Basil are neutered and likely around a year old. why not come and meet them.
 Sanday and Mandy Cats Sandy and Mandy are two young female cats that are looking for a home together. Mandy is the more outgoing and adventurous one of the two. She will suddenly sprint after cat toys, and rip around the room just for fun. Sandy is a little more shy, but just as sweet. She prefers to relax in the highest cat bed in our room. If you would like to take these two girls home, come by the shelter today.


Cameron is beautiful boy looking for a place to call his own. Cameron has a relaxed personality. He enjoys being around people and receiving scratches behind the ear. On his own, Cameron enjoys relaxing with his paws tucked under his chest. We love giving his sweet, furry face kisses. Cameron is neutered and likely around three years old. Why not visit Cameron today? You may leave with a new friend!



Maximus is a big black beauty who would love a place to call his own. Maximus is an adventurous boy. He loves to explore the room and visit the other cats in their kennels. Maximus enjoys being pet, however, he doesn’t seem to sit still for very long! There are always places to search out, and areas to investigate! Maximus is neutered and likely around two years old. Why not take this handsome fella along on a life long adventure? We bet there will never be a dull moment with Maximus! 


Sophia is an affectionate young female cat. She loves to be pet and thoroughly appreciates receiving behind the ear scratches. You can often find Sophia relaxing in her bed or exploring the room. She will also go after dangling cat toys when she’s in the mood. Sophia is likely around 10-12 months old. We would love for you to come down to Animal Services to meet this sweet little girl in person!

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