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Adoption Cats

 abbottandcostello222 Meet Abbott and Costello! A comic duo for sure. These energetic brothers are four and one-half months old. They are full of energy and love to run, chase, and play with toys and each other of course. If you are in the market for kittens with loads of energy, you don't want to miss these guys. Come down for a visit today! 
 cheddarcheese Barn Cat - Meet Cheddar! This big orange tabby is a real gem. He is friendly and happy-go-lucky. He came to us as a stray and seems to prefer the outdoors, making him a great barn cat. If you are looking for a friendly mouser and you have a warm barn, this is the cat for you. Come down for a visit today!
 703161 Barn Cat - Meet Claude! This big guy is a neutered male, dilute orange tabby. He would make a great mouser if you are looking for rodent control in your heated barn. If you are interested in a Barn Cat, come down to Animal Services today! 
 popcorn00 Meet Popcorn! This spayed female is eight months old. She is both gentle and affectionate. Popcorn is a little bit of a homebody, staying close to her bed and space. If you are looking for a lovely white cat, come and visit Popcorn today. 
 mac88 Meet Mac! This gentle giant is around three years old. He is very friendly and likes pets and head scratches. He also seems to genuinely enjoy being around people, sitting on laps and cuddling. If you are interested in meeting Mac, come down for a visit today!
 kirby Meet Kirby! This little guy is around 18 months old. He loves attention and enjoys being cuddled and held in your arms. When he isn't exploring the cat room, he can often be found lounging and just taking it easy. If you are looking for a friendly cat, come and visit Kirby today! 
 homer Barn Cat - Meet Homer! Homer is a 12-month-old neutered male. This affectionate, friendly guy is looking for a place to call home. He is a happy-go-lucky guy that enjoys attention. Homer is content with being outdoors and would make a great mouser.  If you are looking for a barn cat, come down to visit this great cat today! 
 skittles99 Meet Skittles! This sweet young thing is looking for a place to call her own. She is a spayed female and can be a ball of energy, running across the room, searching for places to hide, and toys to play with. Other times, Skittles will curl up on your lap and purr, or even "knead dough" while she is being pet, not wanting to be anywhere but with you. Skittles is definitely an all around great  girl!
 yogi Meet Yogi! This little guy is approximately nine-months-old. He loves to play and is often found chasing a toy mouse around the cat room. He is affectionate and enjoys time spent with humans.  
 azrael Meet Azrael! This lovely black cat is affectionate and likes attention from people. She is happy with pets and head scratches and will purr softly. She also likes to lay in the sun and play with her toys. 
 ruby000 Meet Ruby! This spayed female brown tabby is a little on the shy side. You will often find her hiding under her blanket or cat bed. She can be quite friendly when she feels comfortable. If you would like to learn more about Ruby or get to know her better, come down for a visit today! 
 702464 Meet Topaz! This little spayed female brown tabby has calico markings. She is curious and loves to explore and observe. Curiosity in a cat is a sign of intelligence. Topaz is intelligent, always looking for fascinating smells and new toys to play with. Come down and visit this beauty today!
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