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Adoption Dogs


 A bonded pair - adopt two for the price of one!

Meet Archie & Hershey - these two happy-go-lucky dogs have always lived together and have never been separated.  They have a unique connection and share something special.  Because of this special bond, they must be adopted together. Most people think that taking on two dogs together means more work, but we disagree! Taking on a bonded pair may actually mean less work--both dogs will likely settle faster, be less distressed and adapt to their new environment quicker, particularly because they have each other! 


This is Hershey! This adorable gal is three-years-old. She is active, playful and loves to be outdoors. She also loves people and gives lots of hugs. 

 Hershey  This is Archie! This handsome boy is one-and-one-half years old. He is sociable, clever and full of energy.