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Aries is an energetic Doberman who is need of a loving, active home. Aries is a very happy dog. He loves playing with toys, chasing after a ball, running around and going for regular walks. Aries will sit, stay, lay down and give a paw for treats. He is also very lovable. Aries enjoys cuddling, receiving pets and giving kisses. Although we don’t exactly know how he feels about cats, Aries showed no negative reaction when taken for a walk through our cat rooms. Aries also likes other dogs, and would likely do well with a playmate that would appreciate his high energy level. If you have a dog at home, we ask that you bring him or her for a doggy meet and greet. Aries loves people of all ages, however, due to his strength, he would likely do better in a home with older children. Aries is two years old, neutered, and weighs close to 80 lbs. If you are interested in Aries, we recommend researching Dobermans to see if this is the best breed for you. Aries is an amazing dog, and we would love for him to find the perfect home!