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Adoption Dogs


 Ivan Ivan is a seven-month-old, neutered male Shepherd cross.  He is a very friendly, happy little guy looking for a forever home.
 photo Jordy is a five-month-old, neutered male Shepherd cross. He is a happy-go-lucky puppy with lots of energy to burn. He adores his toys and loves to play with other dogs.
 photo Chevy is a five-month-old spayed female Husky cross who is fun-loving and playful. Puppy training classes and social experiences would be a great way to boost her self-confidence. 
 Cinder20 Cinder is a fifteen-month-old St. Bernard. This big boy is not all looks and muscle, he is smart too!  He loves attention and is very playful.  If you are a neat freak, this is not the dog for you. Cinder has a tendency to sling slobber around from time to time. He loves the outdoors and requires moderate exercise.
Ginger Ginger is an 18-month-old spayed female Mastiff-cross. She is very active and loves to wrestle and play. She has a curious side and may test your patience. Experience with dogs is recommended.