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Adoption Dogs

 gunner00 This is Gunner! He is a happy, happy dog. He loves to play. He loves people and he loves the company of most dogs. At two years old, Gunner has a lot of energy and will need a lot of exercise so he will need an adopter who will provide the direction, training and exercise he needs to channel that energy. When playtime is over, Gunner quiets down nicely in his kennel and likes to show off his sweet and affectionate side. We'd love to see this guy go to a loving home. Come down to visit him today!
 hershey & archie again This is Hershey & Archie! Get two exceptional dogs for the price of one! This bonded pair was adopted a few months ago and recently returned. Both dogs are happy and playful.They adore people and love cuddling. They have become an absolute favorite amongst our staff at the shelter. Our job is to find them a loving home together with an adopter who will appreciate and embrace their fun-loving personalities. They are ready to go into a loving home with a fenced-in yard where they can run and play to their heart's content. A home where they are the only pets would suit them just fine. If you are ready to make magic happen and to embark on a new life with these two great dogs, come down to the Animal Services centre to visit them today!
 emmet This is Emmet! Emmet is a wonderful shepherd with an engaging personality. At just over a year old he is playful and interactive. He is smart too as he knows his basic commands. He sits like a champ and shakes a paw. He also loves to play fetch. This handsome boy has won our hearts and we're all rooting for him to find a wonderful new home soon.

This is Jenga! This sweet lab cross loves attention. She is happy, energetic and easily excitable so an active family or one that keeps her otherwise stimulated would be a great fit for her. She can be a little quiet and shy in the shelter environment but once she gets outside, she becomes energized. Jenga would love a house full of soft beds, people who like snuggles, and yummy treats!  Come down and take a peek at her today!


 Nero This is Nero! Nero is part Lab/Terrier. He is lovely and a little bit shy. Nero is looking for an owner who can introduce him to other people, other friendly dogs and new environments to build his confidence. He loves to run around and burn off energy. If you can offer a loving home to this handsome boy, come down and visit Nero today!