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Adoption Dogs

 cain66 This is Cain! This handsome guy is a neutered male Boxer cross. He is animated, playful and loves to romp and jump. He loves attention from humans. If you are looking for loyal companion who won't leave your side, Cain may be the dog for you.  If you'd like to learn more about him, come down to Animal Services today! 
 joker22 This is Joker!  This mature neutered male Lab cross is a sweetheart. He is a typical yellow lab that still has a lot of enthusiasm for his age.  He is good natured and loves his toys. If you are looking for a people-oriented dog, look no further. Come down to Animal Services today!
 oreo55 This is Oreo! This guy is sweet. He loves cuddles and having his back scratched. Oreo gets along well with most dogs although he appreciates some alone time occasionally. This little guy needs a permanent home, please come by for a visit today! 


This is Shanghai. This high energy, active neutered male Shepherd-Rottweiler cross is approximately one-year-old. He loves to keep busy, going places and doing things. He will need some space and exercise: brisk daily walks; interactive romping sessions; and regular opportunities to stretch out and run.  if you are looking for a splendid, capable companion, this may be the guy for you.