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Dog Bites

The provincial law known as the Dog Owners' Liability Act governs dog bites and attacks.  If you are the owner or if you are harbouring a dog and that dog bites and/or attacks another person or domestic pet – you are responsible.  Charges under this Act could result in a maximum fine of $10,000.00 and or a Court Order to control the dog. In the case of serious or repeat offences, a Court Order may be issued to have the dog destroyed.

Report A Problem - Dog Reporting Dog Bites

All incidents of dog bites, attacks and incidents where dogs are posing a menace should be reported to Animal Services at 684-2156.  An Animal Services Officer will conduct an investigation which includes interviewing the victim, witnesses and the dog owner.  The Officer will assess the dog and review any previous history of dog bites and aggressive behaviour.  Once the investigation is complete, the Officer will determine what action may be necessary to prevent a future occurrence.

In some cases, a Restraint Order may be issued under the Responsible Pet Owner's By-law.  The Restraint Order is effective immediately and requires that your dog be leashed, muzzled, microchipped and kept in a kennel when left outdoors.  In the case of serious or repeat offences, charges under the Dog Owners' Liability Act may be issued to have the dog destroyed.  In addition, the dog owner is subject to a fine.

Where a dog is posing an immediate threat after regular business hours, contact the Thunder Bay Police Service.

Quarantine Procedures

Where an animal has bitten another person or domestic animal and the skin has been broken, such animal must be quarantined as per Health Regulations.  This is a routine rabies quarantine period enforced by the Thunder Bay District Health Unit. Contact the Thunder Bay District Health Unit for more information.

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