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Friends of the Animals

Paw in HandPurpose

Friends of the Animals is a group which meets to review and discuss new ideas and initiatives among stakeholders in the animal care field.  The group offers a link between Thunder Bay Animal Services and the community to support and enhance the mission of the Animal Services Centre and to strengthen the Centre's communication and involvement with citizens of Thunder Bay.


Scope of Work

The group meets once per month to share information and ideas.  They provide input from a community perspective on any proposed by-law changes and assist Animal Services to achieve its goals by introducing ideas and carrying out approved projects, such as those which will:

  • Increase community awareness of the Animal Services Centre and enhance its profile as a valuable and accessible City service.
  • Encourage responsible pet ownership in the community.
  • Enhance the comfort and well being of the animals in the Centre.
  • Support programs which will reduce the number of animals euthanized.

How Can You Help?

Currently, we do not have any openings for the Friends of the Animals. We are always looking for volunteers who are caring, responsible and committed to making a difference in the lives of the homeless animals in our care.  If you are friendly and outgoing, join our team of volunteers. Visit the Volunteer Program page.

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