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Humane Society & Us

Humane Society - Boy with CatThere are a variety of differences between the City's Animal Services Centre (Alloy Place) and the Thunder Bay & District Humane Society (Rosslyn Road).

The Thunder Bay & District Humane Society is an affiliate of the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) which receives no government funding and operates an animal shelter located on Rosslyn Road. Their primary function is to investigate cruelty complaints and enforce  the OSPCA Act in the District of Thunder Bay including the City of Thunder Bay. They also provide adoption services and advocate responsible pet ownership through education. They rely heavily on donations, fund-raising events and volunteers to assist them in carrying out their mandate.

Services Provided by the Thunder Bay & District Humane Society:

  • Adoption Services
  • Investigate cruelty complaints
  • Pick up abandoned animals
  • Take in owner-surrendered animals, for a fee
  • Provide public education
  • Assist Police with animal-related issues
  • Veterinary care for abandoned injured animals
  • Provide assessment and training programs to assist in the re-homing of animals 

Humane Society - Girl with DogThe City's Animal Services Centre located on Alloy Place is a municipally funded animal shelter. Their primary function is to protect the public from aggressive domestic dogs and cats through the enforcement of the City's by-laws. In addition, they operate the City pound for the safe keeping of stray (lost) dogs and cats and provide adoption services.

Services Provided by the City of Thunder Bay Animal Services:

  • Adoption services
  • Respond to animal-related complaints (dogs and cats running loose, barking, unleashed dogs, poop'n scoop, prohibited animals)
  • Enforce dog and cat licensing
  • Investigate dog bites and attacks
  • Pick up stray animals
  • Respond to calls of injured animals
  • Pick up dead animals off City streets
  • Coordinate Pets in the Park Program and Off-Leash parks
  • Operate Animal Services Centre
  • Assist Police Services with animal-related issues 

Both agencies are distinct and separate with different roles and mandates. In the spirit of collaboration, the agencies often work together by sharing information, resources, expertise and training. 

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