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Lost Pet

Boy with Cat Animal Services Officers impound dogs and cats found off the owner’s property and not connected to a person by a leash or similar apparatus. The animals are checked for identification, and if the animal has a City tag, the Officer will attempt to give the animal a free ride home.

If the dog has a microchip and the Officer can safely scan the dog, it will be given a free ride home. Unfortunately, cats that have a microchip cannot be safely scanned in the field; and as a result, we cannot offer microchipped cats a free ride home. See Pet Licence for more information on microchips.

Steps when a pet is lost:

  1. Call our Pet Locator Line at 345-4156. This recorded listing of stray animals is updated daily with the exception of Sundays and holidays, so call again each morning.

  2. Check with the Thunder Bay & District Humane Society at 475-8803.

  3. Visit the Animal Services Centre at 882 Alloy Place. Only you can identify your pet, unless it has a microchip and/or a City licence. Bring in a picture to display on our bulletin board.

  4. Check with the veterinary clinics in your neighbourhood.

  5. Place notices, preferably with a photo, at local stores, veterinary clinics, and the Thunder Bay & District Humane Society.

  6. Talk to your mail carrier, neighbours and children who play in your neighbourhood.

  7. Ask local radio and cable television stations to mention your lost pet. Provide a brief description.

  8. Check the lost and found classified ads in local newspapers. Place your own ad if you wish.

  9. Keep looking...sometimes lost pets show up days, weeks or months later.

All unclaimed animals are placed for adoption (unless they are unadoptable or there is no space available in our adoption areas). If we are unable to reunite animals with their owners, or adopt them out, the animals may be released to the Thunder Bay & District Humane Society or New Hope Dog Rescue or Kitty Kare Cat Rescue where they will try to find homes for them. If they are unable to take the animals, they are taken to a veterinarian clinic and humanely euthanized.

24 Hour Pet Locator Line