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Off-Leash Dog Areas

Dog Park 1

Thunder Bay's well-behaved canines and their owners can enjoy either of the City's Off-Leash Dog Parks.The off-leash dog areas are free of charge. Dogs must be over four months old, be licensed and have a current rabies vaccination to use the park. The Animal Services By-law Officers do not have any authority to patrol these Parks.

Former Ball Diamond - Port Arthur StadiumBeverly St Map

Located in a former ball diamond south of Port Arthur Stadium on the corner of Beverly St. and Winnipeg Ave., this site is approximately 1.4 acres.



Hillyard landsCarrick St Map

Located off Central Ave. between Memorial Ave. and 8th Ave., this site is approximately 3.5 acres and is bounded by natural buffers and drainage ditches. To access this off-leash area, turn north off Central Ave. at Carrick St. The park is located just north of Kal Tire. 


Located in Neebing Playfield on the corner of Neebing Ave. and Mary St. W. This site is approximately 1 acre and is bounded by chain link fence. 






Located in Centennial Park off Arundel St., the off-leash area is approximately 6.5 acres. The walking trail loop is 0.6km in length and is bounded by its natural habitat.






Off-Leash Dog Area Rules & Regulations

As you enjoy the City's off-leash dog areas we request that you follow the regulations for their use. The following applies to City-licensed dogs as well as licensed dogs visiting from another area.  

  1. Off-leash dog areas are open from 6am-11pm. 
  2. Respect all trail users, adjacent private property and watch for park maintenance activities.
  3. Remember to lock up all valuables in a safe location.
  4. The off-leash area is unsupervised. Use at your own risk.
  5. Off-leash area users are subject to the Dog Owners Liability Act.
  6. No puppies under four months, female dogs in heat, sick, aggressive, or out of control dogs. Up-to-date shots and license required.
  7. Keep your dogs within sight and under verbal control.
  8. Dogs must be on a leash while entering and exiting the off-leash area.
  9. Do not allow your dog to chase wildlife.
  10. No glass containers, food or toys.
  11. Children must be supervised by an adult.
  12. Fill any holes your dog digs.
  13. Always remember to Scoop Your Poop and help keep the area clean.

Please call the City of Thunder Bay Dispatch at 625-2195 to share concerns regarding maintenance, vandalism, or misuse of the off-leash areas.

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