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Kitty Kare Cat Foster Program

All About Fostering Felines

Thunder Bay Animal Services partners with Kitty Kare to give homeless cats and kittens a second chance. Can you find a home in your heart for a feline friend?

Why do Cats Need Foster Homes?

Some kittens are too young to be placed for adoption, while other cats and kittens are injured or stressed and need additional care and a quiet place to recover. A foster home provides the love and care needed until the cats are healthy enough for adoption.

How do I foster a cat?

If you are not yet ready to adopt, fostering may be the solution. There is no financial commitment required, just your time and compassion. 

If you are interested in fostering, complete the attached foster application form and return to:

City of Thunder Bay
Animal Services Centre
882 Alloy Place
Thunder Bay, ON
P7B 6E6


We ask that foster homes have a separate room (bathroom, bedroom, etc.) in which to house the foster animals. If you have pets of your own, they must have their shots up to date. This is protection for both your beloved pet and the fostered pets.

Food and litter are supplied.

How long would I foster a cat?

The time commitment is a minimum of two weeks or longer, depending on the individual situation. If you are fostering a pregnant cat, you would care for the litter until the kittens are ready to be adopted (eight weeks old).