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Report a Problem

Report A Problem - CatThe City of Thunder Bay Animal Services will respond to citizen complaints and enquiries in regards to nuisance cats or dogs. 

If you would like to register a complaint related to a nuisance cat or dog in the City, call us during regular business hours at 684-2156.


When to call Animal Services:

  • Dogs or cats are running loose
  • You or your pet has been bitten or attacked by a dog, see Dog Bites
  • Aggressive dog is posing a menace
  • Barking dogs
  • Dogs being walked off leash on City property
  • Pet owners failing to clean up after their pet
  • Dead animals on the roadway
  • Unlicensed pets

Complaint Procedures

Every complaint that is received will be entered into the City system. All complainants must be willing to provide their name, address and telephone number. Complainant’s identification is confidential, but Animal Services will not respond to complaints unless we have a known complainant. If this is the first complaint for a particular situation, then a written warning letter may be sent to the owner of the offending animal, advising them of the complaint.

If it is determined that a violation of municipal By-laws has taken place (i.e. dog running at large, failure to leash) charges may be laid. The Animal Services Officer will also determine if charges under the Dog Owner’s Liability Act are required.

24 Hour Pet Locator Line