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Special Events

Cat Adoption Fair and Fundraising Event

Caring Hearts Cat Rescue and Superior Street Cats are teaming up to host a cat adoption fair and fundraising event. 

Join us and support a great cause while learning how these two organizations work closely with the City of Thunder Bay Animal Services to improve the health of cats in the Thunder Bay area, reduce the number of stray and feral cats and find homes and give sanctuary for the cats they have in their care. 

There will be a bake sale, BBQ, lemonade stand and raffle prizes at the event.

When: July 22-23, 10 am-3 pm
Where: Arthur Street Pet Valu, 2826 Arthur St. E

Picture of a cat


got mice? adopt a barn cat

Animal Services is launching a new Barn Cat Program. Under this program, cats that aren't suitable for traditional pet adoption will be considered for our Barn Cat Program. The adoption fee is $50 and includes the spay/neuter, microchip, initial vaccines and parasite treatment. Barn cats can be placed in a barn, a warehouse or a farm that needs rodent control. As part of the adoption agreement, the adopter must agree to provide a safe warm shelter, food, clean water and veterinary care and must live outside of city limits in a municipality where cats are not prohibited from running loose.

To adopt a Barn Cat, contact the Animal Services Centre at 807-684-2156.



Our HeAnimal Services - Christmas Parade - Opens New Windowlping Hands!

It takes lots of dedicated volunteers to make the Parade a reality.  These folks are the true Elves of the season, working hard to brighten up the Christmas spirit. Thank you to all of the enthusiastic Santa lovers who braved the cold to be part of the parade. This was a great opportunity to create awareness for Animal Services and help our animals get adopted.  Thanks so much!