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Stray Animals


The following listings are stray animals that are currently sheltered at the Animal Services Centre because they were found running at large, a violation under the City of Thunder Bay By-law. 

Stray animals will be held for a minimum of three working days. If these animals are not claimed by their owners within this time, they undergo health and behavioural assessments. Dogs and cats that are deemed adoptable will be spayed or neutered and will become available for adoption by the public and listed on the Cyber Kennel.

To see if your cat or dog is at the Animal Services Centre, view the listings below. Every effort will be made to update the information on these pages within 24 hours during regular business hours, however, there may be occasions when this is not possible, so it is important that you check back frequently.

If you believe one of the animals you viewed online is yours, call: 684-2156, or visit the Animal Services Centre at 882 Alloy Place (off Central Avenue).

If you do not see your pet, contact Animal Services at: 684-2156, to report them missing and have them added to the Lost Register.

View the Current Stray Cat and Dog Listings
Stray Cats   Stray Dogs