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Stray Cats

Listing Last Updated:  May 23, 2018 

 Black and White

Adult female black and white Domestic Short Hair

Picked up on Brown Street May 22

 Brown Tabby May 22

Adult brown male Tabby

Picked up on Van Norman May 22

 Black and white cat in trap

 Black and white adult cat (in trap)

Picked up on North Brodie Street May 22

 Brown Tabby May 21

Brown adult Tabby cat (in trap)

Picked on Hilldale Road May 21

 Orange Female Tabby May 18

 Female adult orange tabby with white paws

 Picked up on Sequoia Crescent May 18

 Multi Colour Cat May 18

Light brown, adult male tabby

Picked up on South Syndicate Avenue on May 18

 Black DMH


Black, adult Domestic Medium Hair

Picked up on Velva Avenue on May 15

 White DSH


White, adult male Domestic Short Hair

Picked up on the 2200 Block of East Isabella Street on May 15

 Siamese Lynx


Adult male Siamese Lynx Point Domestic Medium Hair

Wearing red collar

Picked up on Oliver Road May 15



One-year-old female tortoiseshell cat.

Picked up on Dease Street May 14.

 Stray Alpine Cat


Black adult female cat with white on chest

Picked up on Alpine Avenue May 12

 Stray Cat Kensington


Black adult male cat

Picked up on Kensington Drive May 2

 Male Cat 2 on Kenogami


Male Cat #2 picked up on Kenogami on May 10

 Male cat on Kenogami May 10


Male cat picked up on Kenogami on May 10

 Male Cat on Wentworth


Male Cat picked up on Wentworth on May 9

 Black Tortie on Francis St


Black Tortie picked up on Francis Street on May 8

 Adult Cat - McDonald St


Adult Cat picked up on McDonald Street on May 7

 Stray Orange and White Cat

Adult Female Orange and White Cat

 Picked up on East Victoria Avenue on May 10

 DSH Cat

Adult Male Domestic Short Hair Black Cat

Picked up on Limbrick Place on May 8.

 Black Stray Cat

Adult Male Black Cat

Picked up May 8 on Kensington Drive


claim A listed stray animal

Call: 684-2156, or visit the Animal Services Centre at 882 Alloy Place (off Central Avenue).

Report a Missing Animal

If you do not see your pet, contact Animal Services at: 684-2156, to report them missing and have them added to the Lost Register.

Adoption Cats

Stray cats will be held for a minimum of three working days. If they are not claimed, they undergo health and behavioural assessments. Cats deemed adoptable will be listed on the City's Cyber Kennel.

Domestic short hair, 

Domestic short hair, 

Grey and white domestic short haired male cat.
Grey and white domestic short haired male cat.