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Stray Dogs

Listing Last Updated:  Feb. 20, 2018

 rita st - dog

 Husky/border collie mix, male dog.

Picked up on Feb 19 on Rita St.

Court st - dog 

.Rottweiller mix, male.

Picked up on Feb. 17 on Court Street South


claim A listed stray animal

Call: 684-2156, or visit the Animal Services Centre at 882 Alloy Place (off Central Avenue).

Report a Missing Animal

If you do not see your pet, contact Animal Services at: 684-2156, to report them missing and have them added to the Lost Register.

Adoption DOGS

Stray dogs will be held for a minimum of three working days. If they are not claimed, they undergo health and behavioural assessments. Dogs deemed adoptable will be listed on the City's Cyber Kennel.