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Urban Wildlife - Skunk Skunks are a member of the weasel family. They are generally nocturnal, but sometimes forage during the day. Skunks are active all year, but stay in their dens during winter. In late spring, they give birth to a litter of from one to seven young.

Skunks are omnivorous, eating everything from small rodents, frogs and insects to garbage, eggs and fallen fruit. In fact, the skunk can be considered beneficial because up to 70 per cent of its diet can be harmful insects.


How to Deal with Skunks
Problems Solutions
Skunks digging in your yard Try a commercial animal repellent.
Fence off garden areas with small mesh (chicken wire) fencing.
Contact your local pest control company.
Skunk trapped in window well Carefully slide in a plank or board to provide a ramp for the skunk, then make a quick exit to allow the animal to leave. 
Skunk den under house/deck Partially fill entrance with a pile of loose dirt to determine when the skunk has left, or install a one-way door. Once skunk has left, permanently seal the opening with a solid wall.
Do not try this during May - June when there may be baby skunks in the den.
Skunk with possible rabies If you see a skunk that appears sleepy, overly friendly, staggering or walking in circles, it may be rabid. Call Animal Services immediately at 684-2156.

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