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PRO Kids partners with over 200 community organizations. Because of the generous support of our partners, we are able to put hundreds of children and youth into extra-curricular programming every year.


PRO Kids Partners share in providing program spaces to children and youth who have financial need. Organizations donate spaces in their programs and PRO Kids fills these spaces with children who have applied for assistance (PRO Kids does not actually offer activities or run programs; it merely matches spots and people).

The PRO Kids Coordinator is responsible for verifying that there is financial need in the family before making the referral to an activity provider. He or she will discuss financial status with parents and verify this information by checking with the reference that is provided on each application. References are checked once a year.

Once the family’s financial need has been verified, the PRO Kids Coordinator will contact the activity provider and confirm that there are spaces available in the program. If so, the name of the child and their parent(s)' contact information will be provided for the organization. Parents must then register their child, identifying themselves as being PRO Kids approved. The registrar will validate this by checking the list sent by PRO Kids. 

See the PRO Kids Partners List

Call PRO Kids today at (807) 625-3212. With a brief telephone conversation and exchange of contact information, we can get the partnership underway.

Is your organization or business interested in joining PRO Kids' efforts?

To become a partner, your organization must donate one or more registration spaces in your program on a seasonal basis to PRO Kids. These donated spaces will be filled first. PRO Kids may pay for additional spaces up to the same amount as the donated number of spaces, depending on the demand. For example, if your organization donates two spaces, PRO Kids fills these spaces at no cost. If PRO Kids approves a third and/or fourth child for your program, your organization can invoice PRO Kids for the additional spaces used.

When there is demand beyond the originally agreed-upon number of spaces, the PRO Kids Coordinator may ask the partner about extending the number of child participants at a shared cost. There is no obligation to extend beyond the initial agreement. A cap for placements can be set by the partner or by PRO Kids at any time during the placement process.


A benchmark used to establish the number of spaces that an organization may consider donating is 1% to 2% of total registrants in the program. If there is less overhead for the organization, this percentage can easily be increased. Keeping in mind that this is a community service, it is important that no organization gain a monetary profit from the PRO Kids effort. At the same time, we realize that costs must be covered and do not want any organization burdened by PRO Kids placements.

PRO Kids recognizes that at times, a partner organization will find it necessary to recoup the costs of donating spaces to PRO Kids. This can be done though special fund-raisers or events. The gains made through these efforts should not exceed the value of spaces donated to PRO Kids. Promotion of such fundraising efforts should be promoted as “Supporting PRO Kids [with the name of the specific program]”. 

PRO Kids wants to hear from our partners. Although we establish the parameters, there is always a degree of flexibility as long as both parties are in agreement. 

Partnering with PRO Kids is a win-win situation. Organizations will have increased enrolment and a sense of having been socially responsible and fulfilled their civic duty. These partnerships also provide a necessary and indispensable service to the community. At a time when many families are in financial distress, it offers positive opportunities to children and youth in Thunder Bay who may be surrounded by negativity otherwise. PRO Kids takes on the responsibility of establishing the eligibility of families who apply and matching children with activities. This facilitates placement and enrolment of kids in programs.

Features of PRO Kids

Security & Confidentiality:
The partner organization will assign one representative to be the contact for PRO Kids. This person will receive a list of the children being referred to that program. Families sent to register with the program provider will identify themselves as PRO Kids support recipients, which can be verified with the list. Once registered, participants are integrated into the program/activity with all other participants. The identification of children participating through PRO Kids is to be kept confidential within the organization. Only the people who are involved with payments and decision making within the organization should be aware of this information.

Funding Structure: 
PRO Kids is a service offered through the Recreation & Culture Division of the City of Thunder Bay. While the City funds administration expenses, all costs associated with placing children in programs must be raised through fundraising efforts. Funds raised for PRO Kids are used to pay for children to access community programs. On average, PRO. Kids must raise $70,000 a year to place 1400 children in activities. A PRO Kids Fundraising Committee is in place to execute annual fundraising initiatives. 

Verifying Family Financial Need:
One function of PRO Kids is to ensure that the children being referred are indeed in situations of financial need. A verification system is in place. If a partner is uncomfortable with any of the referrals made through PRO Kids, it is important for this to be brought to the attention of the PRO Kids Coordinator for further analysis. PRO Kids wants to ensure that only children in need of the service are placed in programs. 

Look under Publications for a downloadable PDF of the complete Partnership Terms & Process.  

Promoting the Partnership

PRO Kids has developed a graphic image called the "PRO Kids Stamp", which can be included on advertisements. It identifies an organization as a PRO Kids Supporter. Families recognize the stamp and will apply for those programs through PRO Kids.

PRO Kids Partner Stamp New

The stamp is available and can be found under Publications.