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Onpoint Help

Map Tool Bar

The map tool bar provides a number of tools to help you manipulate your map and get information.

Full Extent Button  

Full view

Zoom In and Out Buttons  

zooms in (+) or out

Zooms out to a map displaying a full view of the Thunder Bay.
Zooms in (+) or out (-) of the current map. To zoom in or out:
  1. Click the appropriate zoom tool.
  2. Click anywhere in the map panel.
The scale tool bar provides advanced zoom options.
Pan Button  

Pan tool

Lets you drag and drop to move the map in any direction. To pan:

  1. Click the pan tool.
  2. Move the cursor over the map panel  and hold down the mouse button.
  3. Move the cursor to drag the map
  4. Release the mouse button.
You can also move the map using the arrows surrounding the map panel
Information Button  

Information tool

Lets you access additional information about a specific point on the current map. To browse more information, click the information tool and then click on a point on the map.

A window will appear with a variety of information categories. To switch categories, select an option from the drop down menu provided. Please note that each map tab provides different information categories for the same point. For additional categories, switch tabs and try again.
Clear Selections Button  

Clear selections

Clears selections and points plotted on the current map. 
Previous Map Button  

Previous map

Returns to the previous map view.
Print Map Button  

Print map

Generates a printer-friendly version of the current map view. Once you click this tool, you can select landscape or portrait orientation, print quality, a title, subtitle and additional comments.

To generate a printer-friendly map, click the "print preview" button. A new window will appear with a ready-to-print map.
Legend Button  


Displays a map legend. As you zoom in and out of the map, new layers will become visible. Use the legend tool again to display an updated legend.
Overview Map Button  

Overview map

Opens a new window displaying thumbnail map of Thunder Bay. The red box represents the position of the current map displayed in the map panel.
Measure Tool Button  

Measure tool

Measure Tool ExampleMeasures any area or distance in Thunder Bay. To measure:

  1. Click the measure tool. This will open the measure tools panel under "Map Tools"
  2. Select a measure type (measure area or measure length)
  3. Select the unit of measure (default is metre)
  4. Click on the map to add measurement points.

The measure tools panel will automatically display measurements as you add points to the map. To remove the points you've added, click the "clear" button.

To stop measuring or to use another tool, click the "done" button.