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Advanced Tools

Advanced Tools

Generate URL provides a URL that reloads the current map view at any time. To use this tool, click "general url" and copy the URL that appears in the window.

To view the current map at another time, simply enter this URL into your browser's address field.

Display manager allows you to select and deselect all the layers that appear on the current map. The display manager window has four key areas:
  • Display ManagerMove: To move any layer above or beneath another layer, click the circle next to the layer and then click an arrow at the top of the window. Layers are displayed in the order they appear on the map, with the first item on the list appearing above all other layers.
  • Layer (Group) Name: Displays the name of all layers available on this map.
  • Checkboxes: Show which layers will be displayed on the current map.
  • Visibility: Show the scale range for which each layer will be visible. You cannot change this setting.

Once you're happy with the way the layers are positioned, click the "apply" button to view an updated map.

Preferences allows you to select the size of the map panel by selecting your desired size from the drop down menu. This feature is also accessible through the scale tool bar.