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Map Contents

Map contents allows you to select and deselect which map layers are displayed in the map panel. A layer is a specific type of information applied to the whole map. Examples of layers include:

  • street names
  • address points (street numbers)
  • parks
  • landmarks
  • parking areas
  • wards

To select or deselect layers:

  • Click the checkboxes next to the layers you want to select/deselect or click "select all" or "clear all" accordingly
  • Click the "apply" button to add or remove the requested layer(s).
  • Layers that are greyed out cannot be displayed at the current scale.
  • To view, select or deselect these layers, you'll need to zoom in or out accordingly and click "refresh list."
  • To access a full list of layers, please use the display manager under¬†advanced tools .