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Scale Tool Bar

The scale tool bar allows you to adjust the current map size with your choice of three tools:

Zoom to Scale ButtonTo zoom in and out of the map, click the + or - buttons a few times as necessary. You can also click any of the boxes between the + or - to quickly zoom to your desired scale. The shaded green box represents the current zoom level.

Panel Size SelectTo select the size of the map panel, click one of the three window boxes at the centre of the scale tool bar. Click the smallest box for a small map panel and the largest for an large map panel.

Numerical Scale EntryTo select a precise map scale, enter your desired scale in the box at the right of the tool bar and click the "go!" button. The map will zoom in or out to meet your desired scale.

Please note: some map layers can only be displayed within certain scale ranges. Each respective layer will disappear when your scale is too high or low for that layer. To make a layer visible, you'll need to adjust your zoom level.

More information on layers and visibility: