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Official Plan

officialplan The City of Thunder Bay Official Plan is the City's official statement of the desirable future development of the City, emphasizing land use. It is a document that contains a comprehensive set of goals, objectives, and policies for the implementation of other planning approvals. All by-laws passed by the City, including the Zoning By-law, and all public works undertaken, must conform with the Official Plan.

The Official Plan contains a map of land use designations for the entire City, which shows the future intended use of land. The text of the Official Plan contains the policies relating to each land use designation. Because the Official Plan is an important document in the planning process, any change to it will usually involve a planning study and at least one public meeting at City Council. Application forms and a brochure outlining the Official Plan Amendment process are available from the Planning Services Division located in the Victoriaville Civic Centre.

Planning Services Division

2nd Floor, Victoriaville Civic Centre
111 Syndicate Ave S
Thunder Bay ON
Tel: (807) 625-2216
Fax: (807) 623-2206