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Boulevard Lake Trails and Sculpture GardenThe City maintains over 47 kilometres of paved multi-use trails connecting major parks and recreational areas. Multi-use trails in Thunder Bay are intended for the shared use of walkers, runners, cyclists, in-line skaters and other non-motorized uses. Persons with disabilities are also able to use powered wheelchairs on the trail system. Thunder Bay is also home to many more non-paved trails located at Boulevard Lake, Centennial Park, George Park and Cowan Park. Trails provide a great opportunity to get active.

Trail Map

This map shows existing and multi-use trails and proposed new trails.
Multi-use Trails Map  Adobe PDF, 2 pages, 4.87 MB

Trails are maintained through the Parks & Open Spaces Section. 

See also the Active Transportation webpage

Parks & Open Spaces

Address: Victoriaville Civic Centre
1st Floor, 111 Syndicate Ave. S
Thunder Bay, ON P7E 6S4 
Tel: (807) 625-2351