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Municipal Cultural Planning Overview


The City of Thunder Bay has developed a Draft Municipal Culture Plan to identify community needs and priorities and provide the City with a focus for future cultural development. Developed with extensive community input, the Plan is a guiding, strategic document for the City and its partners and is an integrated approach to community building. The Plan was presented to Council on Monday, April 11 as a First Report by the consulting team from Dialog (formely Office for Urbanism).

Much has already been done to pave the way for the development of a Municipal Culture Plan, including the development of the Arts & Heritage Policy and Policy for Art in Public Spaces (1980s-1990s) and more recently the Cultural Policy (2004/5). 

The Cultural Mapping Project, begun in 2008, was another essential step in cultural planning to better understand our cultural assets and resources. The consultation team, in partnership with Greg Baeker of AuthentiCity, have worked closely with the City to develop an innovative approach that will elevate the role of culture in sustainable city-building, in both social and economic terms.

Planning stages

The Plan consists of two stages: Community Assessment & Visioning (Stage I) and Plan Development (Stage II). Supporting the research collected and analyzed by the Project Team was a series of engagement strategies and meetings with the following organizations and groups:

  • Steering Committee and Technical Advisory Committee 
  • Mayor and Council Youth Engagement at Fort William Historical Park
  • City Manager's Office
  • Community Services, Office of the City Clerk, Development Services, Facilities & Fleet, Materials Management, Transportation & Works 
  • Public Art & Heritage Advisory Committee
  • Clean, Green, & Beautiful Committee
  • Major/Regional Institutions
  • Local Scale Institutions and Groups Public Forum - March 30, 2010
  • Heritage
  • Youth 
  • Individual Artists
  • Festivals/Events
  • Education
  • Cultural Businesses/Economic Development
  • Funders




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