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Air Quality

Clean Air & CloudsThe Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change's Air Quality in Ontario report for 2013 found that Thunder Bay's Air Quality Monitoring Station reported the cleanest air of all stations across the province. Check Ontario's Air Quality Index online for daily updates on local air quality.

Good air quality promotes our personal and environmental well-being. It is also benefits us economically by attracting people to our community.

Poor air quality can affect us in our homes and workplaces. Here are some things you can do to protect yourself and the air at home and outside:


  • Avoid chemical cleaning products, air fresheners, bug sprays or other volatile chemicals.
  • Avoid scented personal care products and perfumes.
  • Use low/no-VOC paints and avoid vinyl in building materials such as flooring.
  • Dust with a damp cloth.


  • Never burn garbage, plastics, paper with coloured inks, or treated or painted wood.
  • Turn your car off if it will be parked and idling longer than 10 seconds (unless you are in traffic). Read the Natural Resources Canada Facts or Fiction sheet.
  • Use active transportation, public transit, or carpooling whenever possible. See our Active Transportation webpage for ideas.