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The Water Bar

Water Bar

What's the Water Bar?

The City's Environment Division has created and launched the Water Bar, a portable water station that can be set up at events to provide the citizens of Thunder Bay with refreshing municipal water. The goal is to promote municipal water as the preferred drinking water at outdoor events in Thunder Bay.

Can I Book the Water Bar for My Event?

Yes, organizations in Thunder Bay can book the Water Bar free of charge for events involving 500 or more participants. Two Water Bar units are available. EcoSuperior handles the promotion, staffing and the placement of the Water Bars.

In accordance with provincial drinking water regulations, the Water Bar must be connected and disinfected by certified personnel at each event. A minimum of three weeks' notice is required to reserve a unit. An accessible outdoor water connection must be available. Preference will also be given to events that are following Green Event Guidelines (contact EcoSuperior for details).

More information:
Contact EcoSuperior for more information on the Water Bar. Visit their City of Thunder Bay Water Bar webpage, where you will also find an online form for reserving the Water Bar.