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Water Fill Stations

Hwy 61 Tap HouseThe Environment Division operates and maintains two residential water fill stations (tap houses) to provide rural Thunder Bay residents with potable water, as well as one fill station for commercial use only. 

Water fill stations are located at: 

  • Valley Street Water Fill Station
    ​Valley Street, north of the Hwy 11/17 expressway, at the intersection of Valley Street & Hutton Park Drive
    (residential use only)
  • Highway 61 Water Fill Station
    Highway 61 at Mount Forest Boulevard
    (residential and commercial haulers)
  • Central Avenue Water Fill Station
     West of Amber Drive
    (Commercial customers only who haul large quantities of water)

City’s residential and commercial Water Fill stations have been upgraded from a card swipe system to a Fob system. In order to dispense water, a Fob is required and must be purchased ahead of time.​

Need a fob?

The water fill stations are operated with pre-paid Fob.

Water Fill Station FobResidential water fill station Fobs may be purchased immediately at the City of Thunder Bay Cashiers, Victoriaville Civic Centre, 101 S Syndicate Ave, as all retailers have not changed over their inventory.

In the near future, Residential Water Fill station Fobs can be purchased at any of the following locations:

  • Cathy's Discount Store, 238 Red River Rd
  • City of Thunder Bay Cashiers wicket, Victoriaville Civic Centre, 125 S Syndicate Ave 
  • Municipality of Shuniah Office, 420 Leslie Ave
  • Oliver Road Can-op, 1419 Oliver Rd
  • South Neebing Variety, 2060 Hwy 61 (Hwy 61 at Mountain Rd)

A $15 deposit is required when the Fob is purchased. Lost or damaged Fobs will not be refunded.

Commercial water fill station Fobs can be purchased at the City Cashiers wicket in Victoriaville Civic Centre only.

The charge for water at water fill stations is $0.003630 per litre or $3.630 per cubic metre. 

Typical Costs for Water Quantities
Litres             Gallons         Cost            Description                                




1 gallon container




5 gallon container




10 gallon container




Water Tank on Pick-up Truck




Average Water Delivery Tanker Truck


Don't forget to have your fob with you when picking up water!  Please don't idle your vehicle!

Contact  Number  Hours of Operation 
Infrastructure & Operations Dispatch 625-2195  24 hours per day, 7 days a week


If the Yellow Warning Light at the tap house is on, please notify Dispatch immediately

Contact our Dispatcher with any questions on the Environment Division's Water Fill Stations.

Retail stores interested in selling Water Fill Station Smart Cards, please contact the Environment Division at 625-2195 for more information.