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EarthCare Thunder Bay brings together the City of Thunder Bay and the community through a partnership to work together on issues of community sustainability, climate adaptation, and greenhouse gas reduction. Our mission is to lead the community in securing the environmental health of our region, and thereby improve the social, cultural and economic well-being of future generations.

Eleven Working Groups operate under the guidance of EarthCare. These are the backbone of EarthCare, and their efforts affirm the importance of working together to achieve the EarthCare vision. Each of the 11 Working Groups represents an area essential to community sustainability that focuses on one thematic area: energy, green building, land use planning, climate adaptation, education, food, mobility (active transportation, transit, walkability), waste, air, community greening and water. The Working Groups are made up of a variety of stakeholders from across the community representing all sectors: residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional. Together, the Working Groups are taking action to implement the EarthCare 2014-2020 Sustainability Plan.