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EarthCare Advisory Committee

The EarthCare Advisory Committee (EAC) of Council was formed to help guide EarthCare and the implementation of the original CEAP, and now the Sustainability Plan. These champions are integral in maintaining the momentum of EarthCare. They meet monthly, and their minutes are reviewed by City Council on a regular basis. The EAC is comprised of two City Councillors, two members of City administration, and six citizen appointees.

Current EAC Members: (l-r)
Shannon Costigan, Citizen

Councillor Andrew Foulds (Chair), City of Thunder Bay

Sandra Stiles, Citizen

Dean Stamler, Citizen

Michelle Warywoda, City of Thunder Bay Environment Division Manager 

Councillor Frank Pullia, City of Thunder Bay

Lynn Duffield, Citizen

Jane Todd, Citizen

Linda Douglas, Committee Coordinator, Office of the City Clerk

Brad Doff, City of Thunder Bay Sustainability Coordinator

Ashleigh Marchl, Citizen

Curniss McGoldrick, Climate Adaptation Coordinator (not present in photo)