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The City of Thunder Bay joined the Partners for Climate Protection program in 1997 under the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, committing to a reduction of municipal and community Green House Gas (GHG) emissions through the creation and implementation of a plan. In 2008, the EarthWise® (now EarthCare) Community Environmental Action Plan (CEAP) was passed through Council to meet the targeted GHG reductions and to promote a more sustainable community - recognizing that environment, economy, society and culture are linked. 

While the CEAP was originally concerned with GHG reductions and the mitigation of climate change, the focus has gradually been shifting, reflecting a nation-wide and global shift of focus towards recognizing what has become a key necessity of our times: adapting to a changing climate.

In 2014, after five years of implementing the CEAP, the EarthCare 2014-2020 Sustainability Plan was developed as an updated version of the CEAP. The EarthCare Sustainability Plan will guide the Corporation of the City of Thunder Bay, and the community, in reducing GHG emissions and creating a more sustainable future with a strong focus on making the city more robust and resilient in the face of a changing climate. The EarthCare Sustainability Plan reflects the need for both mitigation and adaptation, and will take our community from 2014 to 2020.