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How EarthCare Works

EarthCare has a unique governance model that drives success by embedding it internally within the Corporation of the City of Thunder Bay, and externally across the broader community.

The Working Groups (WGs) provide a point of entry for the participation and engagement of those looking to create a sustainable and resilient future for the community and City of Thunder Bay. In addition to WGs taking action to implement the Sustainability Plan, they can use their connections to 1) build capacity, 2) apply for funding and take on projects, and/or 3) leverage the Sustainability Plan to guide the City’s Administrators/Decision-makers in fulfilling the EarthCare mission.

  1. Working Groups Build Capacity

As a cross-sectoral organization, EarthCare is able to connect different individuals, organizations, and government agencies to form partnerships that enable action

  1. Working Groups Undertake Projects

EarthCare also provides structure and support for the operation of the WGs.

The City’s Sustainability Coordinator helps the WG Chairs with administration work and acts as a liaison within City administration

Funding is also available for the WGs to do their own projects through EarthCare, and EarthCare has the capacity to apply for external funding for specific projects with WGs and their partner organizations (e.g. funding for stormwater work, funding for climate adaptation)

  1. Working Groups Guide the City

EarthCare connects the community with the City of Thunder Bay’s administrative staff and decision-makers (Councillors).

Working groups work directly with City staff and have the ability to advise Council through the EarthCare Advisory Committee of Council. Thus, WG members are able to help guide the City of Thunder Bay’s on-the-ground work (administration and operations) and decision-making for long- term planning.