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Working Groups

The backbone of EarthCare is its 11 distinct Working Groups (WGs), comprised of citizens from across the municipality who have worked together to develop relevant sections of the 2014-2020 EarthCare Sustainability Plan and the 2008-2013 Community Environmental Action Plan (CEAP), based on their interests and expertise and in consultation with the broader community. Most of the WGs came together under the EarthCare banner and have been collaborating since 2007, or even earlier in some cases.

The WGs are focused on the 11 themes of: air quality, climate adaptation, community greening, education, energy, food, green buildings, land use planning, mobility, waste, and water. Each WG has developed an overarching goal with objectives and recommended actions to achieve this goal. Each action is categorized into one of two categories: the Corporation of the City of Thunder Bay, or the community, depending on who is responsible for carrying out the action. The WG members work hard in collaboration each other, the City of Thunder Bay and EarthCare Community Partners to implement their recommended actions. Every year, each WG picks at least one action to realize, which can vary from carrying out an awareness campaign to physically building a rain garden.

While the goals and objectives envisioned in the Sustainability Plan are implemented, everyone in the community is invited to participate and provide feedback. EarthCare WG meetings are open to the public, and new participants are always welcome.