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Climate Ready City

City Council Approved the City of Thunder Bay Climate Adaptation Strategy in principle on Monday, Dec. 7, 2015. Explore and download the strategy online, visit

Adapting to climate change is a new reality for municipalities and Thunder Bay has already experienced the impacts of changing weather patterns. Hail, wind and snow storms, heavy rain, and extreme temperature variability experienced in recent years show how climate change impacts can have high costs for the community as a whole. In the face of climate change, the City of Thunder Bay recognizes the need for adaptation. While mitigation is necessary to reduce the rate and magnitude of climate change, adaptation is essential to reduce the damages from climate change impacts that cannot be avoided.

Since September 2013, EarthCare has been leading the development of a Climate Adaptation Strategy for the Corporation of the City of Thunder Bay with the support of Council. The goal of the strategy is to help the City prepare for, respond to, and recover from the potential impacts of climate change. The City is following ICLEI Canada’s (Local Governments for Sustainability) internationally-recognized Building Adaptive and Resilient Communities five milestone framework with a strong collaborative approach that brings local knowledge to the project. Goals, objectives, and actions for the final strategy have been identified through an extensive 15 month consultation process. These will guide the Corporation as it prepares for the impacts of climate change with an emphasis on increasing the resilience of the City’s infrastructure and natural landscapes.

Over 170 people participated in targeted consultation to shape the strategy. Members of Council, City Staff, industry experts, EarthCare Members, and key community stakeholders have all been involved in this collaborative process to ensure that the final strategy will align with existing priorities. The work accomplished in Thunder Bay on climate adaptation has been recognized as an example of progressive municipal governance and the City is emerging as a regional leader in adaptation planning. 

Downloadable City of Thunder Bay Climate Adaptation Strategy (2015) Adobe PDF, 116 pages, 3.0 MB