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About the Event

On Saturday, Sept 16, 2017, EarthCare Thunder Bay presented Strong Block, an event which aimed to showcase a vibrant, high amenity street built for people. A strong community is a strong City. A Strong Block is a rapid transformation of a block into a showcase vibrant neighbourhood gathering space and lively economic corridor. The kind of space you want to live and work in, would love to visit, and a community to be proud of. A strong block project builds upon the existing urban features of a community to showcase the full potential of this animated livable community.

Background Information

EarthCare Thunder Bay and the City's Infrastructure & Operations Department hosted a series of Strong Community talks with acclaimed speaker Charles Marohn of Strong Towns in October 2016. The series of events focused on building communities that are financially stable over the long term, the need to intensify growth, and the importance of increasing value for people in the city’s neighourhoods. Over 300 citizens attended the premiere Strong Community event on Oct. 18, at the Italian Culture Centre. Following the 2016 Strong Community events, EarthCare Thunder Bay recognized the importance for the citizens of Thunder Bay to be educated in Strong Community themes. Since the Fall 2016, EarthCare has continued to create dialogue with the community through Strong Community Idea cafes that bring together community champions. EarthCare Thunder Bay is bringing together City Administration through Strong Block, to continue to build awareness about sustainable strong communities .

A Strong Block:
• supports local businesses
• supports small, incremental projects
• promotes healthy lifestyle
• empowers positive and incremental change
• supports grassroots efforts
• is a celebration of community space
• encourages belonging
• showcases a complete street
• re-imagines the Simpson St corridor
• showcases a strong community
• showcases sustainable land-use
• is a rapid & short term transformation
• is a gathering space
• is a lively economic corridor
• is a human-scale, livable community
• reduces our impact on the environment
• reduces land use consumption
• improves non-vehicular mobility
• provides strong municipal returns on investment

Benefits of a Strong Block:
• The personal feeling of small “pop-ups”
• A sense of real community
• Supports our neighbourhood
• Coming down the street it feels alive
• Supports community projects and businesses!
• Encourages sustainable development
• I wish it was always like this. Like the Sparks Street Mall in Ottawa. I could be in my scooter down the main walkway and go into all the stores.
• A place for families to be healthy!
• Sustainability!
• One strong block leads to many strong blocks, which leads to a strong city, which is where we all want to live and prosper. It just makes life better for everyone.
• Keeping money local
• Awesome community energy
• Making friends and meeting neighbours
• A great place to play and work
• Strong urban environments!
• Promise for a better tomorrow
• More walking, more talking, more community 
• Keeping money in the community
• It’s all about sustainable development
• Getting to know local businesses!
• Evergreen rocks!
• Demonstrates the potential of the neighbourhood
• Community engagement
• Brings people into the area
• Vibrant and fun!
• Brings people out. People need places to be and shop, makes for a happy close knit neighbourhood!
• People immediately feel happy being here 
• Show off local venues
• Cory Burr with the bike campers
• Active community
• Makes a sustainable city
• Connected people
• A gathering & unity
• Slower living
• Promotes belonging and Inclusion!
• Lots to be part of
• Local economic development
• Safe space
• Makes the streets safer
• Equality, Equity and Social Inclusion
• Brings the community together
• Create a vision for what the block could be like
• More people visiting and hanging out
• Great food
• Gets people outside
• Strong block fosters a sense of place
• Strong block revitalizes the space!
• Hopeful future
• Fun & Exciting
• Great idea, do one per month in the summer
• Nice to see neighbours out on the street

Come experience the rapid transformation of this Simpson Street block which will showcase an animated community gathering space and lively economic corridor. The kind of space you want to live in, work in, and would love to visit! 

Strong Towns has been showing these kind of events through Better Block


This event was in support of the United Way of Thunder Bay. EarthCare and the United Way Thunder Bay are constantly striving to make our community stronger.

Thank you to our Sponsors!