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Strong Block, aims to showcase a vibrant, high amenity street built for people. A strong community is a strong City. A Strong Block is a rapid transformation of a block into a showcase vibrant neighbourhood gathering space and lively economic corridor. The kind of space you want to live and work in, would love to visit, and a community to be proud of. A strong block project builds upon the existing urban features of a community to showcase the full potential of this animated livable community.

Thank you to our Sponsors!

A Strong Block:



EarthCare Thunder Bay and the City's Infrastructure & Operations Department hosted a series of Strong Community talks with acclaimed speaker Charles Marohn of Strong Towns in October 2016. The series of events focused on building communities that are financially stable over the long term, the need to intensify growth, and the importance of increasing value for people in the city’s neighourhoods. Over 300 citizens attended the premiere Strong Community event on Oct. 18, at the Italian Culture Centre. Following the 2016 Strong Community events, EarthCare Thunder Bay recognized the importance for the citizens of Thunder Bay to be educated in Strong Community themes. Since the Fall 2016, EarthCare has continued to create dialogue with the community through Strong Community Idea cafes that bring together community champions. EarthCare Thunder Bay is bringing together City Administration through Strong Block, to continue to build awareness about sustainable strong communities .

Come experience the rapid transformation of this Simpson Street block which will showcase an animated community gathering space and lively economic corridor. The kind of space you want to live in, work in, and would love to visit! 

Strong Towns has been showing these kind of events through Better Block



This event is in support of the United Way of Thunder Bay. EarthCare and the United Way Thunder Bay are constantly striving to make our community stronger. This year’s Strong Block event will highlight both EarthCare’s and United Way’s recent achievements and look forward to what we plan to accomplish over the next year with the funds we raise.

We have set a fundraising goal of $25,000 for this event in support of the United Way. The United Way of Thunder Bay is leading the way to a better community by improving the quality of life for all local people. We recognize the important role strong neighbourhoods play in contributing to a strong city. That is why we actively involve and engage residents in creating change in their neighbourhoods.

We need your support!
Strong Block Sponsorship Package  Adobe PDF, 5 pages, 286 KB

Pop-up Providers

Pop-up’s that will be at the event: 

Strong Block wants to work with your Pop-Up!

  1. Do you run a small local business that is looking to have ‘a store-front’ for the day?
  2. Are you an activity provider that would love an event to deliver at?
  3. Do you have something to display that would engage the community?

The Strong Block organizing committee wants to work with you to deliver your ‘service’ in a high-amenity showcase
event. There will be opportunities to set up space on the sidewalk and possibly inside vacant retail space.
Please contact us to find the right space for you. We will want to know a description of your Pop-Up, if you plan
to sell something, and how much/ what kind of space you require.

Pop-up Provider Information Adobe PDF, 1 page, 472 KB

Learn more and/or register by contacting Kaitlin Trevisan, Our Kids Count, or Rena Viehbeck, EarthCare Thunder Bay, 625-2411 or