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Curbside Waste & Recycling Collection


Curbside garbage collection takes place weekly, usually on the same day of the week (check your Waste Collection Calendar for holiday exceptions).

  • place garbage at the curb after 4 pm on the day previous to collection, or before 7 am on the day of collection
  • maximum three items; maximum weight per item: 18kg/40 lbs.
  • use durable plastic/metal containers with handles and secure lids (not tied to can); or 1.5mm thick black or green garbage bags, securely closed
  • cardboard boxes may not be used for waste
  • wrap broken glass/sharp objectsRecycling Bags at Curb
  • wrap, double-bag and seal animal waste
  • place garbage at ground level (not on snowbanks)
  • no liquid waste, medical sharps (needles), or construction waste (plaster)


Collection of recyclables at the curb takes place every other week on your waste collection day. Check your Waste Collection Calendar for your scheduled recycling days. Recyclables are picked up by GFL Environmental.

  • place sorted recyclables in see-through blue plastic bags
  • place recycling bags 1.5m (5 feet) away from your garbage at the curb
  • maximum bag weight: 18kg (40 lbs.)

One Can Make a Difference

Sorting Your Recycling

BAG 1: Containers - pop cans, food and beverage cartons, juice boxes, metal cans, glass bottles & jars, plastic bottles #1 & #2 with long necks and twist-off tops, e.g., drink bottles, soap bottles.  

BAG 2: Paper Products - newspapers, flyers, junk mail, magazines, soft-cover books, fine paper, paper food and beverage cartons, etc. 

CARDBOARD - cereal boxes, shoe boxes, clean delivery boxes, etc. 

This little book is a great reference tool for anyone looking for ways to reduce waste going to the curb. The guide is packed with tips on how you can reuse, recycle, reduce, repair, rethink and refuse waste at your house.

Our Green Guide  Adobe PDF, 44 pages, 3.1 MB

More information

For apartment recycling information, contact your apartment Superintendent.

For waste collection and recycling information, call Infrastructure & Operations Dispatch at 625-2195.

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