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composterNot to get too personal, but, do you compost?

Composting is the natural process of decomposition and recycling of organic material into humus, which is a rich soil additive. Compost improves soil quality by providing important nutrients and helps retain moisture, which will improve plant health. 

Composting diverts organic material from the landfill. It's good for your plants and it can also save you money (why buy fertilizer when you can improve your soil with compost?).

You may find yourself throwing out vegetable trimmings, fruit scraps, coffee grounds and egg shells, but these items can be composted. They contain nutrients that help your garden and plants grow.

Getting started with composting is not expensive. With the City of Thunder Bay's Composter Subsidy program for City residents, composters can be purchased through EcoSuperior at 562 Red River Rd. for only $30. Rain barrels are $75. Cash, cheque or debit are accepted. Make sure to have proof of address (any ID card or document with name and address). EcoSuperior will include all the information you need to get started - and please give them a call at 624-2140 if you ever have questions about composting or water harvesting.

For more information, download this composting factsheet!

Composting Factsheet Adobe PDF, 2 pages, 440 KB