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lawn mowing


In many municipalities, nearly half of the summertime waste collected is grass clippings!

However, grass clippings are not accepted in the City's Leaf & Yard Composting Program, or picked up at the curb. Grasscycling is an easy and effective way to have a healthy, beautiful lawn, and it's easier than bagging your lawn clippings.

Clippings are a natural, nutrient-rich fertilizer. Leaving them on your lawn saves you time, reduces waste and promotes a healthy, resilient root system. In turn, a healthy lawn helps to purify our air and limit stormwater runoff.

Best of all, you'll have more time to relax and enjoy the summer!

Grasscycling tips:

  • Let your lawn grow up to 3-4 inches high before mowing
  • Sharpen your lawnmower blade to reduce lawn browning
  • Mow when your grass is dry to the touch to avoid clumping
  • A "mulching" lawnmower makes shorter clippings but is not necessary