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Pesticide-free Gardening

rain gardenIn 2009, Ontario's lawns, gardens and public green spaces became healthier with the new ban on the sale & use of many cosmetic pesticides. These pesticides have been deemed unnecessary and harmful, in recognition of their damage to the environment, people and pets.

Achieving a green and healthy lawn and garden without pesticides isn't difficult, but takes a bit more planning.

Key to a successful pesticide-free lawn & garden is using a variety of plants, and checking that they are naturally pest resistant. The next step is to provide conditions that will make the plants naturally healthy: appropriate soil, sun and water.

Local nursery staff can assist you with your choice of garden plants and lawn grasses.

It's worth the effort! Make your lawn and garden more environmentally friendly by exploring greener alternatives and helpful tips and ideas at Pesticide Free Ontario.

For more information on the law regarding cosmetic pesticides, see Pesticide Licences and Permits at