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Our Green Guide

Our Green Guide coverOne Can Make a Difference

The City's Environment Division is proud to produce Our Green Guide, a comprehensive household waste reduction manual. This guide will help you properly dispose of everything from an old computer you no longer need, to leftover paint, and even trophies and clothing the kids have outgrown.

The booklet includes information about the City's landfill and recycling programs, what to do with hazardous wastes, electronic waste, "green" community groups and an A to Z listing of items you may be ready to donate for re-use, sell or determine the safest disposal options.

To enjoy Our Green Guide, download the PDF below, or click on items in the list of recyclables to see how best to dispose of them.

Click the image below to read the interactive publication - Our Green Guide

 Download Our Green Guide  Adobe PDF, 44 pages, 3.4 MB

How Do I Recycle ... these? 
 Aerosol Cans  Christmas Trees  Glass  Phone Books
 Aluminum Siding  Cleaning Products  Hearing Aids  Phones
 Antifreeze  Clothing  Humidifiers  Plastic Bottles
#1 & #2 only
Antiques & Collectibles  Compostables  Insulation  Plastic
Shopping Bags
 Appliances  Computers & Electronics  Juice Boxes/
Milk Cartons
 Printer Cartridges
 Asbestos  Concrete  Magazines/
Propane Tanks
 Asphalt  Craft Supplies  Medicines &
 Audiovisual Equipment  Dehumidifiers  Mercury  Refrigerators
 Automobiles  Electronic Waste  Metals  Sharps/Needles
 Batteries  Egg Cartons  Microwaves  
 Bicycles  Eyeglasses  Musical Instruments  Sporting Goods
 Books/Mags./Comics  Fine Paper Shredding  Oils, Used Oil Filters  Styrofoam
 Brick/Masonry/Tiles  Fire Extinguishers  Oil Tanks  Telephones
 Building Materials  Fixtures  Paint (Latex & Oil Based)  Tires
 Cans (Aluminum/Steel)  Flooring/Carpeting  Paint Removers/
 Cardboard  Fluorescent Lights/CFLs  Pallets/Skids  Vacuum Cleaners
 CDs/Tapes/Records  Fuel Tanks  Paper/Paper Products  Wood
 Cell Phones  Furniture  Pesticides & Fertilizers  Yard Waste
 Children’s Toys  Gift Wrap/
Greeting Cards
 Pet Waste  View Entire List

Ideas? We want to be up to date, so please let us know if you have suggestions or additions for Our Green Guide. Contact us at 625-2195 or email your suggestion to

More Information:
For information about waste diversion programs in the community, call EcoSuperior at 624-2140, or visit the EcoSuperior website at EcoSuperior Environmental Programs.

For information about City of Thunder Bay Infrastructure & Operations programs including waste collection, recycling or hazardous waste, call our Dispatchers at 625-2195.