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Recycling Collection

Curbside recycling collection takes place every two weeks on the same day as your curbside garbage collection. Check your Waste Collection Calendar for the recycling symbol.

Recycling 1-2-3RECYCLING IS AS EASY AS 1-2-3!

1. BLUE BAG FOR PAPER: Newspapers, flyers, junk mail, magazines, paperbacks, fine paper, paper food and beverage cartons (egg cartons), boxboard such as cereal boxes.

2. BUNDLES OF CARDBOARD: Large cereal boxes, shoeboxes, clean delivery boxes, tied securely with twine.

3. BLUE BAG OF CONTAINERS: Pop cans, food and beverage cartons (Milk cartons - dairy, soy and almond -, Juice, Soup, Broth, Wine, etc.), metal cans, plastic bottles (not tubs) #1 and #2 with necks (e.g., drink bottles, soap bottles), glass bottles and jars.

  • place sorted recyclables in see-through blue plastic bags
  • place recycling bags 1.5m (5 feet) away from your garbage at the curb
  • maximum bag weight: 18kg (40 lbs.)


Great news! There is no limit on the amount of recycling you may put out for collection.


Hint: it involves recycling!

We know we must decrease waste, for the sake of the environment. Here are some tips to reduce the garbage you put out for collection, and to make sure most of your waste is recycled.

  • Check out Our Green Guide, a recycling/reuse guide specifically for Thunder Bay, to learn how to recycle or donate a huge array of household items.
  • Compost your organic waste. This is a great way to make soil-enriching compost for your garden, at the same time as reducing the garbage you put out to the curb. See our Composting webpage.
  • Use refillable containers, and cut down on the number of plastic shopping bags/containers you acquire. Did you know that many local bulk stores now let you use your own containers?
  • Buy reusable coffee pod filters and cloth napkins. Avoid foam plates and cups.
  • Hold a yard sale to recycle good-condition items, or place them at the curb on the next Treasure Exchange Day!
  • Avoid items that are excessively or unnecessarily packaged. Tell the retailer/manufacturer!

More information

For apartment recycling information, contact your apartment Superintendent.

For waste collection and recycling information, call Infrastructure & Operations Dispatch at 625-2195.