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Christmas Recycling

Tree Chipping Kids

Christmas Tree Chipping Program

The 2017-18 Christmas tree chipping program takes place from Tuesday, Dec. 26 to Friday, Jan. 12.

Tree collection locations:


  • Brent Park (Balsam at Margaret)
  • County Park Tennis Courts (County Blvd.)
  • Grandview Arena (Westminster United Church parking lot off Madeline Street)
  • John Jumbo Recreation Centre (Toivo St)
  • Strathcona Golf Course Tree Chipping Logo 2013


  • Delaney Arena (Legion Track Dr)
  • Kinsmen Northwood Centre (609 James St N)
  • Westfort Playing Field (off Neebing Ave)
  • West Thunder Community Centre (915 S Edward St)

Remove all ornaments and plastic tree wrap before dropping off your tree at the collection site. Do not put trees out for curbside garbage collection.

Download our Tree Chipping Poster for more information  Adobe PDF, 1 page, 1.3 MB  


choosing a tree - fresh-cut or artificial?

When decking the halls, which type of tree should you choose: real or artificial? The choice is yours.

Pros and Cons
Fresh-Cut Tree  Artificial Tree  
 Fresh trees have a lovely fragrance No fragrance
 Supports local tree farmers Usually foreign made
 Can be recycled in the Christmas Tree  Chipping Program (see below) Non-recyclable; higher carbon footprint, unless used for many years
 Only lasts one season Lasts for many years
 May dry out - keep it watered! Never dries out


Naturally Gifted – Wrap Up Your Holidays the Eco Way!

Each year, Canadians produce 545,000 tonnes of waste from gift wrap and shopping bags. During the holiday season, the average Canadian family sends 25-45% more waste to the landfill. Much of this waste is gift wrap and wrapping supplies. Glittery, coloured, and metallic wrapping paper is not recyclable. It is heavily saturated with dye, very thin and contains little fibre for recycling.

If everyone in Canada wrapped just three gifts using alternative materials, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 hockey rinks. 

Recycled and Repurposed Gift WrappingThe City of Thunder Bay and EcoSuperior want to help you green your gift giving. Our Naturally Gifted: Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping demonstrations will show you how to give a beautifully wrapped gift using low-impact and stylish alternatives to traditional non-recyclable paper. All materials are recycled, re-purposed, natural or eco-friendly, such as newspaper, old maps, sheet music, outdated calendars, foliage, brown kraft paper, twine, ribbons, homemade boxes and bows, and fabric.

Also, this year EcoSuperior is offering the Naturally Gifted Craft Kit to classrooms, community groups and organizations who want to learn how to green their gift giving. The kit includes educational material, samples and step-by-step instructions on how to create bows and baubles for dressing up your gifts using recyclable materials. Interested in receiving a free kit for your class or group? Contact Shannon at 624-2142 or

This waste reduction program is funded by the City of Thunder Bay Infrastructure & Operations Dept., and delivered by EcoSuperior Environmental Programs.


It is estimated that Canadians use 85 square km of wrapping paper each year. That's a lot of unnecessary waste. This year, why not switch to some greener options? 

Green Gift

  • Wrap gifts in fabric bags that can be used over and over for years
  • Reusable gift bags are easy to use and pack away well for next year
  • Tea towels and scarves make great wrap, as does old sheet music
  • Use the brightly coloured comic pages from the newspaper or even old maps or calendars as wrapping paper
  • Decorate plain brown bags (kraft paper)

more green ideas ...

  • Give gift cards
  • Make homemade presents
  • Make your own Gift Certificates 


Visit our MyTBay Minute Online page and click play for our "Greening the Holidays" video.

Make it one of your New Year's resolutions to recycle more - it's an easy resolution to make and to keep. Have an environmentally friendly holiday.