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Solid Waste Management Strategy

SWMS CoverThe product of extensive research and public consultation, the Solid Waste Management Strategy (SWMS) document was completed and presented to City Council in April 2014.

We thank the many members of the public and local stakeholder groups who provided feedback via mail, email, social media, public open houses, focus groups, surveys, letters to the editor and in person. Your input has been vital to the process of crafting the present Strategy. 

Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Strategy PDF, 677 pgs, 8.5 MB 

For a quick look at what's included in the Strategy, view the Executive Summary.

What Is the SWMS?
At the direction of City Council, in 2013 the City's Infrastructure & Operations Dept. embarked on developing a solid waste strategy that would see our community through the next 20 years. Stantec Consulting Ltd., a firm with a reputation for crafting environmentally sound waste management strategies in consultation with communities, analyzed our waste management resources and needs, and helped us gather information from stakeholders, including the public.

Our SWMS provides direction for optimizing current and future residential, and Industrial, Commercial, & Institutional (IC&I) solid waste programs to best meet Thunder Bay's needs over the next two decades. It is a blueprint for reducing and managing solid waste, and establishes a broad policy framework for solid waste management over short, medium & long-term planning periods. The plan considers all aspects of waste management and identifies current successes as well as areas for improvement and growth.

Watch/Read Public Consultation Materials: