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Citizen Pruner Program

Citizen pruner

The Citizen Pruner program was launched in Thunder Bay in 2011 and is the first program of its kind in Canada. The program trains 25 new volunteers each year in return for a minimum of three two-hour supervised work sessions by each participant during that calendar year. Intensive training on proactive tree pruning is provided by a local certified arborist over three training sessions (both class based and in-field).  Once trained, Citizen Pruners will prune young City boulevard trees to correct defects and direct stronger growth in order to improve tree quality and longevity. Volunteers can also use their new knowledge and skills on their private trees, helping in turn to improve the entire urban forest. 

The program helps improve the health and quality of Thunder Bay's urban forest. Structural training can fix many problems that could otherwise lead to costly pruning and repairs, or early tree failure and death. This investment in the future quality of our public trees will result in significant cost savings to the City and taxpayers. 

This program is offered on an annual basis, with registration in February and training starting in April, in preparation for outdoor work starting in May.