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Tree Benefits & Facts

Trees provide the following benefits

  • Trees cut down noise pollution by acting as sound barriers.
  • Trees reduce mental fatigue associated with population crowding stresses, noise pollution, and crime; they also help inner-city residents cope with poverty-related stresses.
  • Trees located along streets provide glare and reflection control.
  • Trees provide shade, shelter and windbreaks reducing yearly heating & cooling costs.
  • Trees can increase property values up to 20%.
  • In one year, a single tree can absorb as much carbon as is produced by a car driven 42,000 kilometres.
  • One mature tree produces nearly 260 pounds of oxygen each year - enough for 2 people! 

Thunder Bay Tree Facts

  • There are 15,000 boulevard trees in Thunder Bay
  • There are another 10,000 plantable spots for boulevard trees
  • Between 400-1000 large-caliper trees are planted each year
  • Hundreds of evergreen seedlings are planted annually by volunteer groups such as Thunder Bay's Scouts 
  • Several hundred trees are removed each year for various reasons including construction, safety, poor tree health and private property concerns
  • There is a Provincial Trees of Canada walking tour at Birch Point (Boulevard Lake Park)