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Donate to Tree Stewardship

Donate to Tree Stewardship Program

The Tree Stewardship Program represents a significant opportunity for you to help breathe life into Thunder Bay's streets. The Program depends on donations to provide an accelerated tree planting opportunity to Thunder Bay residents, and is a three-way, cost-shared initiative in which the City of Thunder Bay, the individual requesting the tree, and donations each cover 1/3 of the total cost of a tree.

A donation of any amount is an investment for now and future generations. The Tree Stewardship Program strengthens the urban forest, improves Thunder Bay’s natural appeal, enhances health and civic pride, and increases property values in our City.

A donation to the Tree Stewardship Program also gives Thunder Bay citizens or businesses the opportunity to offset their carbon footprint locally. Carbon that reaches the atmosphere through combustion contributes to global warming. Urban trees, and all plants, sequester atmospheric carbon. Your donation to the program will not only allow for the beautification of Thunder Bay’s urban forest, but also improve the global environment.

You or your company will make a difference!


In recognition of donors who make this program possible, we list the names of all who contribute, according to donation level. View the donor list.

Are you a business or corporation that would like more information on corporate donations? Please contact our office today at 625-2956, or

More information

City of Thunder Bay
Tree Stewardship Program
Contact: Urban Forest Program Specialist
Address: Victoriaville Civic Centre
111 Syndicate Ave S
Thunder Bay ON P7E 6S4
Tel: (807) 625-2956
Fax: (807) 625-3258