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Purchase a Tree Through Tree Stewardship

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three Easy Steps

The following steps will guide you through the process of requesting a tree for your boulevard (City-owned portion of your front lawn) through the Tree Stewardship Program (TSP). This Program is an accelerated, cost-shared program. Other ways to request a tree from the City can be found on the Request a Tree page.

Step 1: Assess your needs

The Tree Stewardship Program will be responsible for planting the right tree in the proper location; however, you need to ask yourself the following questions to help determine what type of tree you would like:

What characteristics would you like your tree to have?

How large do you want the tree to get?

Are there any characteristics you do not want the tree to have? You may check the Tree Species List on our Request a Tree page for a list of available tree species with descriptions and photos.

Step 2: Meet our minimum space requirements

Trees require space above and below ground. Without this growing room, trees are hindered in their ability to absorb nutrients and water.

Paving, overhead wires, intersections, signs and underground utilities are all factors that need to be accounted for before planting. Interference with other trees, compacted soil, and cramped areas can distress trees, leaving them more susceptible to disease and pests.

Please see the Spacing Requirements section of our Request a Tree page for the minimum space requirements for your tree.

Step 3: Sign Up for a Tree

Sign up to receive a tree during our upcoming spring or fall tree plant. One to four weeks before the tree is planted we will visit your boulevard to determine where the tree will be installed. This location will be based on all spacing restrictions. If you would like to pre-mark your desired location, you may do so and we will take this into account. Due to constraints from utilities, we cannot always accommodate requests to move the location of the tree marker. However, if you are not satisfied with the location, please call our office before the tree is planted.

When signing up, you can request which species you prefer from our list of available species/varieties. See the Tree Species List on our Request a Tree page for a list of available tree species with descriptions and photos.

To sign up, contact our office at the 625-2956, or use our online Sign Up for a Tree Thorough Tree Stewardship form.

Payment Options:

  • In-person at Mountainview Cemetery on Broadway Avenue
  • By phone with Visa or MasterCard - call 625-3138
  • By mail - send cheque or money order to City of Thunder Bay, c/o Tree Stewardship Program, 645 Cumberland St N, Thunder Bay, ON P7A 5S3

The price you pay for a tree includes a full planting service. Payment of $175 (1/3 of the total cost of the planted tree) is required upon requesting a tree. If we cannot plant the tree we will refund the full amount. Once payment is received we will mail you a tax receipt along with a tree care guide and a letter of thanks.

We Will Plant Your Tree

Trees planted through the TSP are large-caliper trees, 8-12 feet tall. They are young trees with a trunk diameter of anywhere between 50-60mm (2-2.5") and weigh close to 180kg (400 lbs) including root ball and wire basket.

In spring, planting begins in mid May and continues though until the end of June. In fall, planting begins in mid-September and continues through to the end of October. To maintain an efficient planting route we cannot accommodate specific scheduling requests.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you need to make any changes to your tree request (cancellation, species selections, etc.), you must do so no later than one month before planting begins (beginning of April for spring, end of August for fall).  

City of Thunder Bay

Tree Stewardship Program
Contact: Urban Forest Program Specialist

Address: Victoriaville Civic Centre

111 Syndicate Ave S

Thunder Bay ON P7E 6S4

Tel: (807) 625-2956
Fax: (807) 625-3258