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Tree Watering Bags

tree watering bag

In 2012, Thunder Bay received a $15,000 grant from the TD Green Streets program for our Tree Bag Watering Program. TD Green Streets also helped fund the City's Citizen Pruner Program, which was launched in 2011.

The City's Parks & Open Spaces Section offers a trial watering program for newly planted boulevard and parks trees. 400+ tree watering bags will be installed on newly planted trees. During the growing season, each bag will be filled once a week with 76 litres (20 gallons) of water. Tree watering bags take only minutes to fill with a hose on full flow.

Tree watering bags efficiently deliver water to the tree roots over the following six to nine hours, virtually eliminating water losses from runoff and evaporation.

City staff will refill the bags weekly from July until October and will then remove them for the winter. Alternatively, residents may fill their own tree bag and and will have the option to keep the bag for the winter and fill it until the ground freezes and again the following year. Tree watering after the first two years should be aimed away from the trunk, outwards of the tree’s drip line where the roots will have expanded. Continued tree watering and care by city residents is encouraged to keep trees healthy as they grow.

Thunder Bay's urban forest provides many environmental, social and economic benefits, and makes our city a more beautiful place to live.

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