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Showcasing Water Innovation Projects

WPCP Turbo BlowersIn 2011, the City of Thunder Bay was pleased to be among 32 communities, 16 university and college partners, and seven First Nations to receive a Showcasing Water Innovation (SWI) grant from the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.

The SWI grants were awarded to recipients to pioneer cost-effective and innovative approaches to sustainable water management solutions. SWI funding enabled participants to invest in projects to protect water resources, optimize infrastructure, stabilize operating costs, conserve water, and reduce energy emissions and carbon emissions.

The City of Thunder Bay used the SWI funding for two projects. One project involved installing energy-efficient turbo blowers at the Atlantic Avenue Water Pollution Control Plant through a partnership with the Ontario Clean Water Agency and turbo blower manufacturer APG-Neuros.

The second project was a partnership between the City and Lakehead University to investigate the use of technology called a bi-functional electrode to combine light and electrical current to remove contaminants from water.

To learn more about each project, the results, and lessons learned, please view the case studies at the links below.

Aeration System Upgrade at the Atlantic Avenue Water Pollution Control Plant: 

Read the case study in English: Adobe PDF, 8 pages, 1.34 MB

Read the case study in French: Adobe PDF, 8 pages, 1.35 MB

Bi-Functional Electrode Performance at the Bare Point Water Treatment Plant:

Read the case study in English: Adobe PDF, 4 pages, 401 KB

Read the case study in French: Adobe PDF, 4 pages, 244 KB

Visit WaterTAP (Technology Acceleration Project) for the final report on all of the SWI initiatives.